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Transplant update


Hi all thank you for all the lively messages.

They woke him up today and it was the best feeling ever . The first thing he asked was how are Manchester United getting on. Little bugger. I know we still have a way to go but one step at a time.

He gave me a scare yesterday as was rushed back to theatre with a bleed. Thankfully it was sorted.

I want to thank he's wonderful donor and family who my heart goes out to at this horrid time for them.

The ICU team at the QE are fantastic, and the whole surgery plus liver team. Lovely people who keep me informed in 'idiot not medical speak. Made the whole thing slightly easier.

I'm delighted to have my boy back.

Love to all

Sarah xx

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Thanks for keeping us informed.

Have you had the rest that everyone told you to get for yourself - he has morphine to help his resting !

Take care both of you,

Jim and Lucy

Hi Sarah, that's brilliant news. So pleased for you both 😊.. Yes I am under the QE liver unit myself and they are wonderful. I am on no tx list at present but if ever one day I reach that point I have no fear due to the fantastic team

I hope all is onwards and upwards now, be prepared for little bumps along the way, one day at a time .. sending you my best wishes. Linda x

Hey!, Brilliant news. Wishing you all a long and healthy life, I go to the QE and you are right they are a wonderful team.😀

hi i had mine 2 months ago... it is scary but you very quickly start doing things... everyone seems to have a few scares but that seems normal. my bloods went a bit haywire at one point and i problem with my kidneys but it is all improving.

warn him food and drink may taste wierd... it did for me. drink plenty and do all the things they ask and it speeds up the getting better.

you take care of yourself its very stressful for all evolved. best wishes cazer.

Fantastic news. Heres hoping to a speedy recovery. Lots of rest now for him and make sure he takes things slowly. Theres a whole new life ahead. All the very best for the future xx❤

Wonderful news, so happy got you both,

Onwards and upwards from here,

Sending positive and healing energies your way

Rita x

Fantastic news. Onwards & Upwards.xx

Great!!! Fantastic!!!!


Hi Sarah,

Wishing your hubby a continued healthy recovery from us all at BLT



I'm so pleased for you both, it must be a huge relief . Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

fab news. I go to the QE Aswell such a good team of liver doctors xx

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