Post Transplant Update

HI Everyone,

Not been in touch for a while but that doesn't mean I don't think about you all.

Terry is doing really well at the moment & has gone from weekly to fortnightly hospital appointments.

Just one thing that even the Doctors can't explain. He is feeling cold all the time. Blood tests for possible Thyroid problems were done but no one has contacted us so i presume they were ok. I know I shouldn't complain but it's difficult not to when he has the fire on full in the "Heatwave" we've just had. Also it's been difficult for me to sleep at night with the heat of his "HOT WATER BOTTLE "! Has anyone else experienced this.?

All he says to me is that I must be Menopausal AGAIN. Cheeky Blighter.


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  • Feeling cold was a symptom of mine ,,,,no matter how many clothes i put on i was cold ,,it seems to have subsided ,,,im not a transplant patient yet ,,,but i have cirrhosis/ALD,,,,hope he feels better soon i think the body will repair itself. all the best matt

  • Many Thanks.xx

  • Hello Hun,

    I would ring up and ask for the thyroid results. Also could be sign of something else brewing... My husband had CMV and before they diagnosed it - he would feel so cold... Saying that some of the meds could make you feel very cold. How is his BP? Low BP often makes you very cold...

    Keep asking the team for answers - you've come this far and this is the time to be super sensitive...


  • Thanks.We're at St James tomorrow so will be asking for answers.xx

  • that's were i go 😀

  • are you there tomorrow ?

  • No 2 weeks for my biopsy results now. Was there last week. My weeks keep changing so its different people apart from a couple every time i go now. It was nice to see the usual people in clinic we would all discuss our experiences' and problems

  • We were weekly but now fortnightly. We may have been there together at one time. xx

  • ahhh i bet we were. I usually come with my dad xx

  • hi. I had my transplant in April this year. I struggle with my thermostat as i call it. I'm rather freezing or roasting. All the tests have been ok. Just wanted to say I struggle too. Really hoping it settles

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