Bank Holiday Weekend

Well... on a lighter note, I hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday weekend.

It looks as though we are to be blessed with great weather instead of the normal bank holiday down pour.

I think a BBQ may be in order.

Best get the BECKS BLUE in!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend and those symptoms give us all a break!

Jo42 liked your reply Haha Ive done some research after getting the 'bubbles'!! :)

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  • BECKS BLUE ehh? would that be a new type of charcoal??

    If it does happen to be a beverage (I have no idea actually) I hope that it doesn't have any bubbles in it! Actually, sorry guys but I don't have any bubbles personally so I can't comment on what you are all going through but I echo Matt's wishes, pack a suitcase for those symptoms and try to enjoy the Bank Holiday xx

  • Its No Alcohol Beer!! :)

  • Have a great weekend Lottie πŸ˜‰. X

  • Hi Millie

    hope that you are enjoying the weekend, weather not fantastic here but oh well, at least I wasn't going abroad and having to spend hours at the airport, got some nice walks in with the dog anyway, good job as she bullies me mercilessly if I don't take her out.

    Popping to see my mum tomorrow, she wasn't too good the other day as she thought that she was the king and that I was her brother, so I guess that makes me royalty!

    Whatever you've got planned, hope it's a good one for you.

    Lottie xx

  • Hi Lottie! Hope you are well. I have loved the weather but that all stopped last night 😏. Mind you I can't sit n the sun too much as it makes me tired and I get tired as it is .

    Oh the thought of airport ques 😣.its not so bad going it's the coming back I can't stand

    Thats nice to go for lovely walks with your dog . I have three cats so they do their own thing but I am sure they rule the roost lol.

    Sorry to hear about your mum bless her . I know what you mean there as to regards with my dad .

    I have not been anywhere, just with my neighbour next door keeps popping in and out as we are both doing a bit of DIY . Nice to hear from you 😊.. enjoy what's left of the bank holiday. Take care..linda xxx

  • Good to hear from you, it's raining !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a shock !! the worst of it I've run out of snickers bars and hot chocolate, think I need to lie down in a darkened room xx Hi to kitties !!

  • Lol .yes Lottie it's been raining since last night here in birmingham .very grey looking too it is now and 15dg πŸ˜•.haha , you best get some more stash lol. I have plenty πŸ˜‰.oh kitties are in and out as usual 😼.. xx

  • bragger !! a stasher eh ?? must look into that

    weather same here in Staffs and it's cold !!!! dog won't go out in the rain she's watching Judge Judy, please don't tell the RSPCA she means no harm

  • Oh it's the law lol .

    So your not really that far away from me then 😁. That's good ! .Oh my cats will go out of its been raining , they don't care 😺😺😺. Haha, your secret is safe with me 🀐xx

  • cats, fearless warriors, well they are brummies after all, it's in the breeding I understand x My little darling is a yorkie , one cup of strong Yorkshire tea and she's flat out in her bed x

  • Oh they are bless them πŸ˜‚. Oh i love yorkies ( and the chocolate bar ) πŸ˜‰.

    My neighbour has a yorki called jack, he's 3 yrs old .cats do not like him either lol x

  • Poor jack shunned by his feline neighbours, no barbecue for him bet he's secretly glad it's raining x

  • Haha ! Oh jack won't be out today so he's safe xx

  • Hi Millie

    hope that you're having a good week, weather has been a little hit and miss here but generally ok

    I have being doing the usual stuff, visiting mum, walking the dog, I actually took her into the home with me and the other ladies in there loved her, she was very good and sat on my mum's knee for a while being fed chicken bits.

    Nothing too exciting I'm afraid. Am in a bit of a quandary really to be a little more serious. Have been offered a local job at a supermarket. My health is ok at the moment but should I take it, what if I have a relapse and the jaundice comes back ? I know in my head that I can't live my life in fear of that but it is forever present. Anyway, what's the viable alternative I have applied for ESA and been called for a medical assessment but I understand that these can be absolutely horrendous and that I ironically, won't be ill enough to qualify. (Not that I am complaining), All I do know for certain is that I need to do something my saving are dwindling at an alarming rate just keeping the house going.

    Anyway, hope that you are doing ok and that cats are behaving themselves.

    Lottie xx

  • Hi Matt! Hope you have a great weekend.. according to the weather forecast we are due thunderstorms 😐not that I was having a BBQ anyway.... but yes πŸ˜‰ Becks blue or even Heineken 0% alc free nice and cold out from the fridge is a good idea for you!! ... there are a few bubbles but only from the bottle 😁.. Have a great weekend πŸŒ­πŸ”πŸ—..

  • It's gonna be a lovely one, I was never really a beer drinker, I was never much of a drinker at all to be fair but I did enjoy a nice single malt every now and then. Can't see them ever producing a non-al version that my taste buds wouldn't reject immediately and never talk to me again so I think I'll stick with the fruit juice. Lol

    Hope you and everyone else has a great weekend.

    Stay safe

  • Mmmm i think you might struggle with a 0% single malt!

    But there is always Haribo!

    Have a good one :)

  • Well they do the little coke bottle??? I wonder?

    Now that's ringing a bell??? Wasn't there jelly sweets back in the day that were alcohol related? I seem to remember a shandy flavoured sweetie???

  • I think you maybe right. there is always a whisky chocolate liquer!

  • can't beat a snickers bar

  • I remember those little coke bottles !!

  • do you remember jubilees or am I just too ............ sad ........

  • Nope you've lost me on those ones. I went to a great sweet shop in New York. Dylan's candy store for anyone interested, if you love sweets and you're in the city it's a must visit. They had a load of retro sweets on the basement floor, yes that's right it's a sweet shop spread over floors! Just thinking of it I want to go back. They still had the little bags of gold rush for anyone that remembers them?

  • gold rush, not from Dakota are you ?

  • British to me bones me. Well I'm part Haribo too

  • could be like one of those sci fi films where haribos have rustled their way out of a bag at night and slithered into your ear canals and taken you over, I had my suspicions from the first

    Sorry to say serves you right for leaving bag unattended ...

    By way, you will find haribos listed on any NHS site under infection control - lol

  • I will seek guidance bout organising an intervention, oops, don't think I'm supposed to let you know that

  • As long as it's catered with Haribo

  • new York, catered - ooh I love a posh boy !! shame about the haribo addiction

  • do you have major shares in haribo or is it just a not so private obsession ??

  • I wouldn't say it's an obsession. More of an appreciation. Lol

  • save it for the judge x

  • Matt - Babe, really ........... is this your idea of good weather ??? everyone knows you can't trust those pesky weather reports

  • Hey wasn't too bad in Northampton. Monday was rubbish but the rest of the weekend was lovely. Hope you all had a good one

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