Another "Hobo" Update

Hi Everyone,

Just spent first day of Bank Holiday weekend filling in forms for PIPs & the medical questionnaire for ESA. Oh what joy !!!!

Can I apply for a salary for being Terry's PA ?

Hope they understand when I have shortened Hepatic Encephalopathy to H.E. if I'd had to write it in full every time it was relevant I would still be filling the forms in on bank Holiday Monday!

Do you all think they make it so difficult so we will make mistakes & therefore get less money than we are actually entitled to ?

I know for a fact that Terry would  much prefer to be healthy ,still working & not claiming anything at all !

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  • I feel your pain, I spent pretty much a whole Sunday a couple of weeks ago filling in the PIP form for my mum. Plus sorting the paperwork for her house sale. Only to have the person who put an offer in pull out a couple of days ago, so it's back to the beginning! Know what you mean about feeling like a PA!

    Good luck with your claim! My mum has someone coming to her house on Tuesday for a face to face assessment.

  • Thanks. Hope you find another buyer soon.

  • know how you feel.nightmare.just helped my husband with his..has had no money since stopped work a year ago.i sent in lots of copies of medical evidence so they should know filling in a book repeating same things..if he does not get it a be very ill must you be

  • I know what you mean it's a complete nightmare but persevere because it's worth it.  ESA helps loads with us and we are still waiting for a decision on PIP. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to have a decision made but I'm sure he will be entitled and they will back date it which is always nice. Hubby had his PIP assessment last week and that wasn't as bad as I thought. 

    The assessor was lovely. He kept trying to say he could do more than he could because he's stubborn!! She saw through it though and seemed to want to help which was great.

    Good luck. 

    Oh and have they finished the transplant assessment yet? 



  • We have an appointment at St James on 10th May so fingers crossed. Thanks for asking.xx

  • i was on the transplant list, severe H.E. , transplant co ordinator helped , she knew just what to put etc. if on the list worth talking to see if they willing to help!

  • Don't want to worry you but they haven't a clue what h.e. Means and they will most likely turn you down for pip,  I had someone from c.a.b fill my form out and I still got turned down so currently I am waiting for a court date.  So don't be surprised when response arrives

  • I did actually explain hepatic encephalopathy at the start of the form & said I would reduce it to HE whenever it was relevant so hopefully they will understand.

  • Sadly it has to be on the form and they seem to look at the vague answers and they focus on the medical experts quick decision. Tribunal person write down a diary . Remember focus on more often than not. I had a lady who could not do a thing for herself one week in four refused as it was not more often than not.

    Re look at what you wrote. Keep a diary of what you cannot do. How you manage and feelings . Get CMH T support for depression and keep track of medication. Stress this was how you were when you applied . Filter all positive thoughts and focus on help you need . Look at cab website for advice too think of it as homework you need to do. Do not get disheartened and ask for help . Good luck.

    Hobo hope all works out for you too.

  • Many Thanks.xx

  • Thinking of you.


  • Aw thanks.xx

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