Billy goats gruff

Well the trolls are out from under their bridges aren't they? Strange what some people find as entertaining.

For what it's worth I think the NHS is a great source of knowledge but then so is this forum. I also quite like fruit but I guess everything in moderation.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying, in whatever way you prefer, this lovely bank holiday weekend.

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  • I'm off out to score some fruit πŸ‰.

  • You be careful. Those street dealers seem to be plugging their contraband in all sorts of places.

    See if you can get a pineapple 🍍

  • Some maniac came up and tried to push some marmite on me, I won't commit to class A yeast extract, that's serious time if you get caught.

  • Crieky. It's a dangerous place out there. I once ate a salted pretzel by mistake, thought it was a misshapen doughnut.

  • That's a rookie error, you should know your bread products sir 😁😁

    Maybe they are better shoved somewhere, as our learned chum advised??🀣🀣😳

  • baked, peeled or what ?

  • Smashed

  • do they make pretzels that big ? bet it was a doughnut or was it ???

  • lmao. VERY funny! I nearly spat out the mouthful of grapes \i was eating...

  • It was Eve pedalling apples that set the whole liver disease thing going.

  • Adam drove her to it (AHmen to that!)

  • Before that she was addicted to bananas.

  • now it makes sense, when was the last time you saw a banana cake ? in a shop I mean to buy, not on a date or anything - boom, boom !!

    though some people's taste on here is orangeinal

  • I actually run a cake shop that sells only banana cake.....

  • Love a bit of banana cake but carrot cake is where it's at. Definitely at least one of your 5 a day.

  • The frosting has to be just right, hate it when it's too sweet.

    I had a Jaffa cake today, I got in mouth whole which impressed my daughter but not the wife, oh well!

  • uh huh and let me guess the shop is made of gingerbread

    have another Jaffa cake

  • That's the fairytale life I lead!

  • Yeh. And she made strongbow. With it

  • Yeh and. She made strongbow. With it

  • don't waste them don't you know there is due to be a world shortage as the rumour is they make haribos out of them

  • You can't hurt us with your scare mongering....

  • but I have a dastardly plan to turn the world to marmite !!!!! boo to all haribo lovers marmite and snickers rule !!!

  • Snickers pah, they will always be Marathon!

  • marathon/snickers, a rose by any other name ...............

  • Okay this needs bringing to a close so I'll have the final word.

    Best jelly sweet: Haribo

    Best chocolate bar: bournville

    Best cake: carrot

    Best crisps: walkers mix em ups - hot

    Best takeaway: curry

    Best healthy snack: poached eggs on chilli asparagus

    Best judger of food: me

  • glad to see there is nothing wrong in a gracious surrender, Salute!

  • I don't remember surrendering???

  • scandalous and a slur on marmite lovers everywhere, hang your head in shame, what is the world coming to tsk, tsk

  • Words fail me ... 😩. πŸ‡πŸŒπŸπŸπŸ’πŸ₯‘πŸ₯ 😁

  • Lol πŸ˜‚

  • Best convo Ive read in a while, salut to you all, grape juice all round on me xo

  • Of course it is all liver health related. All food spoken about during this thread are tried and tested on actual liver disease patients.

  • I drank a whole carton of mango juice yesterday, be honest am I beyond saving?

  • Never say never but you're on a dark and dangerous path

  • A whole carton.......that's the spirit, straight from the carton leaving the fridge door ajar as you chug your little heart out.

  • sadly that it not the spirit or the chardonnay boom boom !

  • Call me Dorothy x

  • Hi Dorothy.

    Call me Tracy but only on the weekends. Lol

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