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The day has arrived

So my consultant appt has arrived.

I have so many mixed feelings about this appt. I need to know what's going on but on the other hand I don't want too.

It's rather a strange feeling.

Is there anything I really should be asking the consultant today. Apart from the obvious "what is going on?"

I just don't want to be sent away again with no answers x

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I think the questions will come to you as you are told what is wrong. Try and write down what they say, ask them to repeat if necessary. Get information in a hand out if you can. I know this is ridiculous to say but try not to worry.

It is essentially pointless, your going to waste time and energy on worrying about something you can't change. what ever has happened has happened. You just have to move forward, understand what the doctors want from you and how you can help yourself. These appointments sometimes can be a big blur....

Even now for me 3.5 years on I am thinking of things to ask. I try to write as much down; bit like being at school.

All the best of luck. I hope whatever it is is reversible/fixable.



Totally agree with what chelle said .I wrote down all that I wanted to ask but to be honest everything just flowed out of my mouth without even looking at my list .my consultant was so on the ball and totally honest with me which is what I wanted. You will be absolutely fine. I was nervous when the day came but I look forward to my next appt in 4 weeks. 😊x


And guess what no diagnoses.

Mrcp came back fine. But my bloods show inflammatory markers. ???

So now booked in for endoscopy, more bloods and he wants me to speak to rheumatology. Due to the cold hands and feet.

So none the wiser 🙄


None the wiser? You don't have liver disease, thats really really god news.

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No he couldn't rule it out x


Oh right!


Good morning,

Not much to add to the pretty complete answers above.

I'm assuming that you are not attending the appointment by yourself. Make sure you have your partner / friend with you. Two sets of ears is always better than one. Its so easy to come away from an appointment thinking, what was just said to me ?

At the end of the appointment, say to the consultant, 'so what you are saying is - - - ' Then if you have misunderstood anything he can repeat or correct anything s/he told you.

Confirming what Chelle told you, if available, get relevant leaflets. Use the British Liver Trust website, with its comprehensive information and set of leaflets.

Let us know how it went.

In the meantime, take care and don't worry too much.


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Hi jim

Thank you for your help. I did take my husband but there wasn't much information to give.

I still have a big fat ? Against my name.xx


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