Nothing like a little walk down on the beach to clear your head. This is where I live, well 5 minutes from my door, so last night I took myself down for a lovely old walk to clear a few cobwebs away.

The land you can see in the distance is the Isle of Wight and I took this picture stood on Hayling Island. I really am so lucky to live here.

Can't wait for the summer and the warmer evenings...

Hope your all well :-)

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  • Super-lovely photo Chelle! I am envious of where you live... Paul :)

  • Takes my breath away every time I see it Paul. I've always been a water baby and love living by they water!

  • Brilliant. I can see the Isle of Wight from my desk at work on a nice day.

  • I can see nothing from mine, I am in Southampton today so nothing looks nice! lol...It was a great sunset last night!

  • I guess you're from Pompey!

    I'm in Bournemouth.

  • I am from Pompey. I used to work at the RM base in Hamworthy so know Bournemouth quite well. Nice views! I go to the hospital there for haematology oncology appointments! Good Hospital too!

  • Know it well, I take my son crabbing nearby :)

    I live inland though, Wimborne.

  • I think most of Dorset is an excellent place to go!!

  • You are lucky too . Bournemouth is stunning! Amazing beach!

  • wow !! that's so beautiful hun. I could do with that right now... your very lucky to live near such a serene place. hope things are ok with you 😊. xx

  • I am very lucky....this place make me happy

  • oh I bet it does, I would love a trip somewhere like that for the weekend. got me thinking now. as tired as i get I think it would be a great tonic 😊x

  • This Sunday Lucy is planning to try her new wetsuit at Lulworth Cove , make a change from Selsey !

  • Wow it's going to be cold.

  • Oh that will be a bit nippy!

  • How lovely. And how lucky to live here. Nice to have some tranquility and lovely scenery. Listening to and looking at the sea. Thanks for posting. Xx

  • It is very peaceful and I'm very grateful!

  • Pre transplant when my energy levels and fitness was low, that was exactly the sort of thing I would get up to. Days out for cream teas and an ice cream in the new forest. Picnics, farm shops. Proper old people stuff, kept me going and I actually have some fond memories of it all. It really helped both physically and mentally.

    Your doing all the right things as far as I'm concerned.

  • Definitely made me feel better yesterday after a pretty rubbish day x

  • I'd love to live by the sea . I'm lucky we live near so many lovely country walks though specially with having a dog. Come my lottery win I'm surges going to come 🤓 I'm buying a cottage with a sea view lol x

  • I ment sure is going to come x

  • lol I have problems with texting too....🙄 I hope you get your cottage x

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