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British Transplant Games and running for Chelle.

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So this weekend I was up in Birmingham competing at the British Transplant Games with team from Kings College hospital.

I took part in the badminton and the 5k donor run, the run went better than the badminton! Team Kings have done really well overall.

It's been a great few days with everyone from live donors, the families with the kids, a donor run of 2000 people. It is a fantastic way to get around some real positive people and stories, not everything requires ultimate fitness there are some softer social events that they run so don't think you have to be down the gym to hold your own. I personally have been thinking about going since way before my transplant, and I'm spoon glad I am well enough to go to mark my year since transplant and to remember my good friend Chelle.

All the best,


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Well done you! Glad you are doing so well. Love the chelle/ Haribo vest 🙂

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Wow!!! Chelle would be so proud of you, it must have been s hard day for you. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Dulux in reply to

I know she would have been, we used to talk about the games as she was into her sports and fitness. She definitely helped me get round ☺️

I set to it with my daughter, it has a big rainbow heart on the back.

She would have loved it bless her xxxx

Hi Gareth,. Bought tears to my eye's.. not one day goes by that I don't think of chelle, even my sister thinks of her.

Congrats! Fantastic.. I never knew there was a run in Brum ? .Not that I can run lol, just about walk .. How Inspiring and supportive from others including family and children.

May you continue and thank you.. never did find out if the Haribo were eggs or flying saucers 🍳🛸... best wishes Linda

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Dulux in reply to Millie09

Chelle proclaimed one day in Haribo club that she always thought the eggs where little space ships, much to the amusement of myself and identity75. Hence the egg/space ship on the top! I loved the way we both shared a similar view of the world, it lead to some wacky conversations.

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Millie09 in reply to Dulux

Bless, was always a topic of conversation between you all, 😊, but fantastic Gareth , one amazing achievement 👍

That's really wonderful Gareth. 😄👏

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Dulux in reply to Caspiana

Thanks, have been planning to run since pre transplant, I felt very proud to run for Chelle.

That made me cry with what a beautiful thing to do you really are wonderful X

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Dulux in reply to Faithfull

It was very emotional, the whole games is with all the families and kids, but there is a positive vibe throughout all the events.

Aw that’s brilliant. Well done. Love the haribo vest. Still think of Chelle

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Dulux in reply to Smyally

Kinda don't want to wash it! She was a special person to so many.

You done not only Chelle proud but all of us. I’m still looking for that sofa based event I can participate in. 😜

Well done mucker. Same again next year.

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Dulux in reply to Identity75

Too right, the training won't stop, want to do more stuff next year.

Congratulations Dulux! I never knew the Transplant Games existed! Chelle was looking down on you from her special cloud, willing you on and feeling SO proud of you. 😘

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Dulux in reply to Beauport

I know she would have loved the games as she was into her sport, it was really I.portant for me to remember her this way, I'm not very good with funerals.

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Beauport in reply to Dulux

You're a star. What a wonderful tribute to Chelle - better than any flowers on her coffin, you can be sure of that. 😊

Fantastic achievement and wonderful gesture well done and nice to hear your doing so well


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Dulux in reply to 1football

Finishing that run I felt more alive than I have done in a long time, very rewarding and has left me feeling very proud, my daughter took my medal to her summer club and I wore my competitor t shirt to work.

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Well done on your amazing achievement and for running for Chelle.

Best wishes


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Dulux in reply to Trust1

I'm nearly at my first year out and it's how I wanted to honour my donor and remember Chelle. I did them both proud. Had a good chat with the donor family network, they were asking people to show if they had written to the donor family and I am also proud to have done that, it's a great event if you guys ever get the chance to get along.

Sorry we didn't make arrangements to meet !


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Dulux in reply to LAJ123

Next time in sunny Newport 😉

Inspiring, what wonderful achievement x

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