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Liver cancer

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Hi anyone on here who have liver cancer what was your very first symptoms of the disease thanks

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Hi Luca, you can't try and diagnose yourself with things as serious as liver cancer. You already have a diagnosis of fatty liver and should be concentrating on eating well, exercising and maintaining your sobriety in order to reverse the fatty liver and your symptoms.

Most liver disease is actually silent and you rarely see symptoms until the liver is severly damaged and as you've already established yours isn't - yes you have fatty liver but that can be reversed.

Stop seeking out ever more serious issues.


Not touch beer for over 8 weeks all I’m doing is eating healty plus I’ve lost just under 2 stone since end of April call that normal the pain each week is increasing especially my right shoulder and neck the back ache is unreal I’m going worst not better thanks anyway

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Has your gall bladder been checked? Pain and radiating shoulder pain can be linked with gall bladder and gall stones - liver issues are usually silent as previously stated. I know you say you've been healthy eating but in your last thread you were not eating a balanced diet saying you were eating just fruit and veg - without carbs, proteins and fats in your diet the weight will fall off you as you arn't getting the right balance of foods.

Ultrasound said gall bladder was clear also been eating fresh chicken boiled eggs etc plus fish and pasta with fruit and veg drinking extra virgin oil last two weeks through the pain was going and my new diet was working but this week the pain is back good and proper usually only get pain in one place but now I’m getting the full works front under ribs which it orinally started but now it’s everywhere front pain back pain and the worst pain is my right shoulder and neck painkillers don’t help at all right arm feels so weak

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My hubby just had several gall stones removed from his bile duct - they only found them on MRI scan - they hadn't been seen on ultrasound so not impossibe to have gall stones that haven't been seen on ultrasound.

I was talking with doctor about that last week mri scan she try to get me a gastro appointment again and she spoke to some one there told me to have a chest X-ray first within 2 days I had the X-ray waiting on the results back there tomorrow while there I’ll ask for a referral for a private mri scan and hopefully have one this week

Hi I’m sorry to read this

I know it’s very worrying. They say fatty liver and people act like it’s no big deal but the pain is there all the time.

Like we said the last time we spoke ultrasounds say no other problems just fatty liver. The pain though makes you believe it’s more.

I do hope you get to the bottom of yours. I s as m no nearer to getting a hospital appointment. Finding it hard to shift the last 1/2 -3/4 stone but beginning to wonder even if I did would it make any difference.

Let us know how you get on tomorrow


Hi seoe I know fatty liver would not cause this amount of pain I used to get gout all the time sometimes I would have a flair up for a full month when drinking hardly took the pills high pain tolerance but this pain is summit else hopefully find out this week and I’ll keep you updated and also you keep pushing with the docs hopefully you will find out also

No symptoms the scan showed it hubby’s was really small and detected early, he had ablation on it couple mons ago, going for mri next week to make sure it’s not back good luck

Hi,I was diagnosed with benign liver tumours. I suffer with bad anxiety so to start with I thought I probably had cancer and maybe they got it wrong I was I agony everyday on my right side and back but it’s all I thought about daily. I then had a second MRI and they sent it to another hospital for a second option they agreed they was benign and then I wasn’t as worried anymore and then suddenly all the pain when I got get the odd dull ache under ribs but nothing bad anymore. Xx

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