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Liver scare

My Hep is cleared with the newest drug treatment thankfully, but have cirrhosis now type 2 diabetes going in a few days to Dr. To discuss getting on medication for type 2 diabetes! I freaking crave sweets like a drug fein!! Hate it hate myself for giving in to the cravings. I have bad marriage no living family members support is co-workers. Looks like I am suppose to cinsider liver transplant!!! Geez, I dont knownif that battle is worth it! We all die from something. Maybe, this is just what it's suppose to be!

Thank you all .

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If you do have a battle on your hands, it's worth it we all feel confused and worried about having the strength to go through it but you dig down deep enough you find it and do it. And yours is only a maybe transplant at moment which should be taken as a good sign that it's possible to make your life and health better you know you have to change your lifestyle, diet and exercise and you can reverse diabetes 2 yes will be difficult at first but you will get used to it. Life isn't easy we all have different battles but it's worth it and you know that, being in something what needs changing or making you unhappy is not going to help with your mental state but no one can advise you what to do with that you are the one who has to decide if you want to be with someone or not. But please don't give in x


Went to Internal Med Dr. She is pushing for me to get on liver transplant, said they dont fall out of sky!! Opened.my eyes and scared.me. yes, told me to lise 20/25lvs.and she.thing tyoe 2 diabetes may go away! Geez what a struggle dieting is! I am strating to have pains on my sides, and now experienced some nausea with food, but no weight loss!!! I am trying to get my head right about dieting.... thanks fir telling me kike it is because life is about our choices. I hate the life cards Im dealing with. But I am the only one who can make a change. Reading folks live 10+ years with liver transplants is impressive!


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