Hello I'm new to this forum so let me start by telling you I am 56 years old been active all my life and never had any major health problems just under three weeks ago I started to get a sharp pain in the groin area when t passed urine I also noticed that my stomach was slightly distended then as the week went on I occasionally feel sick so when to see my doctor who tested urine for infection which was clear but thought I probably had a gallstone so booked me in for M.I. scan the beginning of next month but the last five days have been rough,i have heartburn all the time and feel sick,my stomach has swelled up so much I look like I am pregnant which would be a miracle being I am a man also this weekend my complexion has gone yellow which I have read may be Post hepatic jaundice? I have been of work for a week now and my boss thinks I will be in tomorrow but I am thinking of going back to see my doctor because of the time before I have my scan which is on the 2nd of next month.Anyway any advice would be welcomed

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  • The gall bladder is an organ that holds bile in order to increase its concentration and delivers it when fat is consumed for easier digestion. While there is a long list of gall bladder symptoms, the most noticeable is jaundice

    In case the skin becomes jaundiced then the first culprit that should be examined is the gall bladder and after that, the liver. Jaundiced skin is easily recognized by the yellow or orange coloring (depending on the type of jaundice). Sometimes the whites of the eyes will also turn yellowish,

    Jaundice occurs when the liver is unable to process and filter old blood and convert it into bile. This means a malfunction in the liver or a blockage in the gall bladder.

    if your in more pain that usually then i would phone 111 as there could be a stone in the bile duct. make sure you dont eat any fried foods and cheese and creams and pizza's the best food to stick to is fruit and veg and plain chicken no skin and boiled rice and fish all the foods with no fat. or as little as possible. with gallstones they say dont eat more than 3% fat at any meal. eat small meals and give your system a chance to digest them. you can have quite a few meals as long as they are small and dont overload your system, have you got pain killers and any remedies for heart burn and indegestion i used and still use omeprazole and also i had buscopa for cramps. the medical profession do realize how painful gallstones can be and dont mind anyone going to the hospital if they are in real pain and infact they recommend that. so dont worry about that. all the best. grace xoxoxo

  • Thanks for your reply grace the last time I spoke to a doctor was on Thursday last week and after explaining my symptoms said he would leave a prescription at the front desk for me to pick up the following day?,the only prescription left for me was Solpadol for pain relief.The Monday prior I went to my local a.e. and after having my blood pressure and urine checked? informed me I was ok I spoke to my own doctor about this and she told me that the a.e. department would of only looking for signs of a infection and not gallstones

  • Yes they would check for infection as this tells them what they need to know, the gallbladder can become inflamed as happened to me quite a few times before i had my gallbladder out as my case was complicated. three times i was in hospital getting fluids and 3 different anti biotics. i got very strong pain killers as well. if your feces is a horrible gray colour thats another symptoms as well as nausea pain stomach buldging. i was in sever pain and had blood poisoning as well. so if the pain gets bad as i said go to the hospital. and get something for the indigestion. if your pain is not worse then your probably okay. Have you looked online to see what it says about gallstones? sunday is quiet here as there are many of us had our gallbladders out. all the best love grace xoxoxo

  • hello piper, im just wondering how you are today I hope that your not in to much pain and got something for that heartburn as its quite painful and uncomfortable and you should not have to suffer it. thinking of you. love grace xoxo

  • Hello Grace, how are you these days?.

  • Hello Bob so nice to hear from you. I just read your reply to Piper and im glad as its hard to get people to understand thats its right to go to the hospital.As we feel we guilty for using up the resources. AT the moment im having lots of sore bones and muscles i remember taking to someone else who had the same thing. cracking noises when moving the arms and neck. also sciatica. other than that my stomach is quite good. i'v just woken up from a 3 hour sleep i have to rest a lot these days as im always tired. i have been out and went a nice long walk too earlier today. iv had blood tests taken and one was normal and the other satisfactory. so im hoping to get a copy of thoses tomorrow. how are you? i do hope that your keeping better. forgive me as there are so many of us but have you had your gallbladder removed yet i cant remember. i dont think you have please let me know and thanks for asking how i am i think thats nice of you. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi Grace, Happy to hear that your stomach is o/k, sorry about the aches and pains in other places. I suffer some as well and put it down to old age, same as falling asleep in the day. I still have my gallbladder but will be seeing a surgeon soon as my sickness interferes with some other medication. We always worry about overloading the NHS but obviously others do not. Have to go and do a couple of bits. Keep in touch. Bob X

  • I don't know much, about you But if you are yellow you will know if you are you should see your GP urgently True it may be ok, but none of us are the simpsons [meant to be yellow]

    don't be afraid to muck a fuss. waiting too long could be terminal

  • I would go to the accident and emergency department of your local hospital and try to get seen immediately complications with jaundice need attending to asap.

  • Hi, If you can not stand it any more get yourself down to A&E. My daughter had very similar symptoms and kept going back to her doctor who said she had acid reflux. When her husband took her to hospital they took her in and it was found the gallstones had travelled into another organ which had got infected. She had an immediate op to remove the stone and gall bladder. That was a year ago, she has no pain or other side affects. Do not be worried about going, you are in pain and need help now.

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