Abnormal LFTs

Abnormal LFTs

Ok so I had a blood test about 10 days ago that came back with Abnormal LFTs. I went in to see the GP because ive had pains in my stomache and I felt its been bloating. Along with indigestion and dizzy spells. He thought I could be pregnant again so that was the reason behind the blood test and a urine test. Urine test came back normal and so did the bloods, except for my LFTs. Well he then ordered an ultrasound scan on my abdomen which came back normal as well... only a couple of days ago my 5yr old son reckons my eyes have changed colour but I brushed it off till I had a look only yesterday and realised a slight yellow tinge to them... my urine is quite dark and ive had diarrhea like bowel movements for the past couple of weeks also.... my question is, how accurate is an ultrasound exam? Can they miss tumors? And do you think my eyes look slightly yellow or am I seeing things? Lol

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  • I can't see yellow in your eyes. The ultrasound I had picked up on polyps in my gallbladder and haemangiomas? In my liver. So yes it picks up on problems. When I got my abnormal LFT they then did more thorough blood tests. I have been diagnosed with PBC.

    Not really any help but your eyes aren't yellow 😊

  • Got to agree, your eyes are definitely not yellow. When eyes do yellow due to jaundice they REALLY yellow. If you want to compare images of eyes that are yellowed type 'yellow eyes due to jaundice images' into your search bar and I think you'll comfort yourself with the pictures that yours are not like that.

  • My gp says they are lightly tinged yellow. Pictures do no justice. Even my husband said no when I sent a pic but when he saw in person, he said they are slightly tinged. My bilirubin level went from 7 to 10. I need a follow up blood test in 6 months.

  • AyrshireK it depends on how elevated your bilirubin levels are... the higher the level the deeper and stronger yellow colour you end up with.

  • Did they test for AMAs (antimitochondrial antiboides) when they did the blood tests? It depends on quite which lfts were abnormal, but the yellow eyes suggests jaundice, which largely suggests liver, I think. AMAs plus abnormal levels of certain liver enzymes (lfts) suggests PBC, which is not detectable by ultrasound, but it depends which lfts were high. It probably isn't PBC but ... if they did not check for AMAs it's worth getting them to check. If they did not/don't find AMAs, then if you are even slightly jaundiced I think you should go back and ask for more investigation.

    Why not phone the British Liver Trust - link to their site at the top of this page - and talk to ne of their advisors, they are the people to help and advise.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for that! My ALP, AST, ALT and GGT levels are high... ALP and ALT more higher than the other 2... GP thinks its an oral infection?

    Whats PBC?

  • If ltfs are wrong and dark urine pale stools these are all.signs that liver is not right you need to go back to docs as could b lots of different causes ....gall stones viruses autoimmune conditions so if hes ruled out pregnancy then he /she needs to find cause.i have an autoimmune liver disease and to me your eye looks good colour but im no doc.eyes are not normally yellow until quite pronounced jaundice like i say lots of diff cayses some temporary.ultrasound only shows certain things not fine changes in liver so not necessarily that helpful.do you have other probs symtoms? Best wishes cazer.

  • Thanks Cazer. I feel more comfortable knowing my eyes dont look yellow to other ppl. Maybe Im just seeing things coz im worried. Anyway it was just bloated stomache, stomache pains underneath ribs, diarrhea, dizzy spells and indigestion. Doc reckons it could be just an oral infection because ultrasound came back completely normal. Any other suggestions?

  • Anna do you have any previous history of liver enzymes going high. Did the doc run liver tests on the basis of the symptoms you presented with, or do you have anything in your medical history that would have prompted the doc to check your liver function.

    Presume as you don't list it as high your bilirubin is normal so the jaundice question is perhaps looking for the wrong diagnosis?

    Did the doc run a full blood count? Infections show up in the FBC bloods.

  • No the blood test (full blood count) was initially requested to rule out pregnancy because I havent got my menstruals yet. And a urine test was done as well in which both came back normal (and no pregnancy lol). Until they seen my LFTs and the fact that they are abnormal. The ALP liver protein is at 148 (normal range is from 30-115), my GGT level is at 47 (0-45*), ALT is at 64 whereas the normal range is (0-45) and AST is at 42 (0-41). So my ALP and ALT is kind of high... and I found on the internet that ALP is pretty much just to do with the liver and usually a disease. Could it be that I just have abnormal liver cells that are giving off these abnormal readings??


  • Most doctors would not worry about those levels. Infections can cause liver enzymes to elevate slightly. People with jaundice and acute liver disease tend to have an ALT up in the 1,000s.

    I would suggest you wait a couple of weeks and then ask for a re test. They may have gone down by themselves. While you wait don't drink any alcohol.

    Is there any possibility you have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I believe women with this have elevated liver enzymes and it can cause fertility problems.

  • How long is it since you had your last child?? The alp is not just a liver enzyme it is also made in bone. because of this it is present in higher amounts during pregnancy. As you don't tend to have routine bloods at the end or after pregnancy if you have a normal birth, it could be the enzymes settling after that. Obviously that won't be the case if its been years since last pregnancy. Many people have pointed out on here that our biological systems are active all the time, not static, so bloods do go up and down. Maybe you had a party and had a few drinks, maybe you've had a virus etc. The raised ones are only very mildly raised, so a recheck should be done, and hopefully nothing to worry about.

    Take care, and best wishes


  • Thanks. Its been nearly 3 months since I gave birth to my youngest son now. And I doubt its from the pregnancy coz my gp knew I had given birth only a couple of months ago and he never suspected it to be the pregnancy to give off abnormal LFTs. I have had blood tests after my last 2 pregnancies and the LFTs were normal. I had a blood test only 2 weeks before my youngest son was born and they came back normal. No parties or drinks. I rarely drink. Thanks anyway!

  • I used to be a midwife so I have seen lots of elevated alp. Anyway, another thing that springs to mind, because it happened to me is gallstones. The hormones of pregnancy affect the bile, large quantities of hormones can have massive impact and create or change existing gallstones. With me I was 6 weeks postnatal and I had hideous epigastric pain and felt sick and very unwell. Long story short, after 3 a & e trips they then realised I had gallstone pancreatitis. So this was in the first 4 months. I had 2 bouts of pancreatitis and was very unwell. I insisted I must breast feed even when I was on nil by mouth for 5 days, made it even harder. Anyway, just playing ' House MD'. I would say that could be bile related. As you say getting it re checked later will put your mind at ease. As I said, the results are only slightly elevated, when I was I'll with gallstone pancreatitis some of my results were in 1,000!!! They did improve with time!!

  • Agree with others your eyes look fine. And yes your doctor should do a full blood screen. I had the same about 8 years ago - all my blood tests for liver and tryglycerides etc were sky high. After a scan which showed my liver was swollen I was told it was non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I wasn't overweight but suffered from diarrhoea. I am now on medication for life and I get tested every 3-6 months depending on how I feel. You may suggest another scan called a fibroscan which is more detailed than ultrasound and will show any scarring on liver. After 8 years my liver isn't scarred so don't panic! Healthy diet (low fat) if you need to lose weight and no alcohol and see what your repeat blood tests show then. Good luck x

  • Anna, you probably needn't be worrying, my results are way up in the many 100's and have been for years, nothing found despite all the tests.

  • Thanks everyone! My mind is more at ease with it now :) dr did suggest its probably just an infection and he would be more worried about my levels being in the 1000s too. Repeat blood test in 6 months just to make sure :)

  • Hello Anna, have to agree with everyone else if your eyes were yellow you would no -google images of people with jaundice and you will see the difference.

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