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Feel Very Ill, Ready to Give Up


Been very ill since December 2017 and have just gradually got worse. I’m experiencing severe stomach pain under my right ribs which gets intense at least twice a day (It goes through to my back and then up into my chest until I can’t breathe), I’m sick numerous times a day and cannot keep any solid food down at all. I’ve been back and forth to so many doctors until I finally got a good one, he has suggested it’s my gallbladder. I’ve lost a lot of weight, feel nauseous all day everyday, am very dizzy, and feel bloated all the time.

Seen a specialist in October who sent me for a Gastric Emptying scan and now doesn’t want to see me again until Febuary. At this rate I genuinely can’t wait this long, I’m currently lying in bed unable to breathe and crying from how much pain I’m in.

I am a 19 Year Old Woman, who is definitely not pregnant. Please, any help at all would be appreciated. I just want to be a normal 19 Year Old again.

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Hi there Wanheda242,

I am so sorry, I am not able to offer you any advice.

I am just too new on the site myself.

All the same I am moved to send you the hugest virtual hug xx.

You have come to the right site, here you will find help and good advice.

Most of all lots of positivity and encouragement.

Stay strong, if my positive thoughts we’re enough to get you through you would be feeling good right now. Sadly, that’s not enough xx

Someone else much better equipped will for sure be answering you soon.

Thinking of you. Jaycee (Blackpearl)

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Cannot Thank You enough for this message, it genuinely moved me to tears when I woke up this morning and was just what I needed.

I hope that whatever you’re here for isn’t too serious and you’re doing well, sending hugs too

Kim xxxxx

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Hi Kim, great to hear from you. I can see you are starting to get some good advice from the many knowledgeable folks on here.

I myself am doing grand, what I have is serious in fact the word terminal is banded around by my doctors much more than I care to hear. I am slowly learning to take each day and live that day. I still count myself as so lucky to have found this site and it is what keeps me going whilst on my journey.

So, stay strong dear Kim, there is help out there. Most definitely you will find comrades on this site.

Still thinking of you with a virtual hug being sent.


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Hello Jaycee, I’m so sad to hear that you’ve been given such a diagnosis, it really does seem the worse happens to the best of people. I’m glad you seem to be coping with it though, I may not be much help at all but but I’m always here to chat if you need.

I’m beyond grateful for the advice I’ve already received.

Have a good day.

Hugs, Kim xxx

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Hi there dont worry about me please, I am doing grand.

I was in a dark place before I found this site I can tell you.

I have just had news my tumours have shrunk and I am on my own little cloud of happiness.

Those feelings you had of being ill and helpless are awful and I am praying so much that you are feeling a little better and stronger. With the conversations with all the good folks on this site who are way more knowledgable than I.

I certainly am not one of the best people. I have had my full share of stupid actions, which I am not proud of and if not had been done I would not be here in this position.

On reflection I guess lots of folk on this site can come along side and say “if only, I had not done that”. But we must move on and try to make the best of what we have got. If only’s don’t count any more.

We look to the future. On getting well...respect and protect your liver.

I hope so much you are feeling a little better?


Hello there,

Really sorry that you find yourself so ill and feeling more than a little helpless.

From what you are saying, it does seem that you need some immediate help and support and waiting until February would appear difficult.

The only advice that I could give would be to make an appointment with your GP to discuss how you are not coping with your situation. However, you say that at the moment you are breathless and in pain. In that case it could be helpful to talk to someone today. I'm assuming that you are in the UK, if that's right, you could go to the NHS 111 Online Service. There you can self assess or you can phone 111 and speak to an advisor who can, pass you on to either a doctor or nurse. If appropriate they can even send an ambulance to your address. Hopefully this isn't what you need right now.

In the meantime, try to keep positive and take care.




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Hello Jim,

Thank You Very Much for all your advice, it’s very very appreciated. I ended up passing out from the pain and didn’t wake again until 4am this Morning but I will definitely phone NHS 111 if and when this pain happens again.

I hope you have a good day x

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Hi Wanheda242

Welcome to our forum.

If you are in so much pain that is making you pass out maybe you should seek our medical advice and assessment today?

As Jim says, you can try phoning 111, or can anyone get you to the doctors or A&E?

You are not alone. We hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit.

Warm wishes


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Thank You Very Much for your advice and kind words they are greatly appreciated. I managed to get through to my GP who has given me an urgent appointment for Monday Morning but has advised I go to A&E if the pain gets severe again. It has eased slightly today, thank goodness. Hope you’re well x

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Well done for seeking out medical advice.

We send you our best wishes and hope you can get the support and guidance you need from your doctors



Oh poor Waneda how sad for you... I am like Jaycee and don’t know what to advise but I agree also with Jim. You need to see someone appropriate and soon.

Hope you can get it sorted, there are lots of people here who will all be watching out for your progress..



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Cannot Thank You enough Miles.

I hope you are well and manage to have a nice day.

I am not a medical professional but I find medical professionals guess too much at diagnosis. There have been huge breakthroughs in our knowledge but most of the time it’s educated guessing. My sister suffered like you when she was younger it could be related to you being a woman. Don’t despair keep pecking their heads until they give you an answer. You are going to suffer until they find it but they can manage your symptoms in the meantime. You have to fight for good service so be assertive- get someone to advocate for you too. Ideally a family member but a solicitor if you have no choice. Best of luck

Thank You So Much for all your advice. I hope you and your sister are well.

Have a good day x

Hello, what testing have you had ? You mentioned nothing of blood test although you must of had them (all clear of things such as hepatitis I hope)and a gastric emptying would surely happen after a CT scan ( unless the gastric emptying is the scan) ,

Apologies but reading what you’ve posted is non-sensical the doctors at times I find are not overly informed and refer patients on , have you been prescribed

pain medication? (From your post I’d guess no)

I have pain in the same areas as you’ve mentioned discovered after CT scan that I had gallbladder/stone issues, (pain beyond belief) pain medication has been prescribed whilst I also play the waiting game to see if they take the gallbladder out .

Definitely see your Doctor (G.P.) Make an appointment today!!

And have him prescribe you pain relief, the only thing that worked/work for me are OxyContin/ longtech

Some G.P.s are reluctant to prescribe controlled drugs so I would suggest mentioning obviously the pain and that you desperately need relief and can not wait till February!!

A terrible situation for you , my sympathies


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Thank You So Much Bal.

I’m sorry I didn’t include enough detail last night, I was in agony and struggled to type.

I have had countless blood tests which have all came back clear with the occasional elevated red blood cells and odd enzyme levels. All my previous Doctors (GPs) said this was normal and wrote off my pain as nothing more than IBS, Period Pain, or Psychological.

I was seen by a Psychologist who at the end of the appointment said in his own words “Other than pain related anxiety I don’t know why your here. In my opinion I would suggest you change Doctors because you cannot go on like this.”

It was then I changed GPs and he has been brilliant. He has prescribed me Cocodamol 30/500 which does numb the pain but never takes it away completely. I have also been given Amatryptaline to help me sleep as I was getting no more than 2 hours sleep before.

Test Wise I have had:

-Blood Tests

-Abdominal Scan

- Gastric Emptying Scan

-Internal Pelvic Exam

-Psychological Testing

This was all before my GP decided it could well be my Gallbladder so the decision to go down this route is relatively brand new.

The Gastroenterologist first sent me for a Gastric Emptying Scan but said he intends on doing further tests such as a CT and then a HIDA(?) Test. He is a very high up Surgeon who promised to get me a diagnosis and I do trust him. However, I genuinely feel like I’m getting worse, especially after last nights episode.

I know there are waiting lists and such but I just don’t think I can make it to February.

Thank you again and I hope you are okay and manage to have a good day.



How are you feeling now? Did you manage to get an appointment? Sometimes you have to push to get anywhere. It took a long time for me to get the diagnosis if Nash with fibrosis. I do hope you manage some sleep, as you can see by the time of my message I don't sleep well either. I've also been getting stabbing pains in my oesophagus. Love and hugs Lynne xx

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Hello Lynne, Thank You Very Much for your kind words and hugs! I haven’t slept much at all these past few nights because of the pain but I have an urgent appointment for Monday Morning with strong advice to take a trip down to A&E if I get really bad again. I really don’t like to waste their time in A&E but I can’t let myself get in that state again. It’s awful. Hope you’re doing well x

Hope your feeling better now .Have you tried buscapen for the pain?😊

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I wish I could feel better but the pain has eased for now Thank You. I’ve tried omeprazole, ranitidine, and Buscopan all at different strengths but unfortunately these kind of tablets seem to take the pain away for 10 Mins and then it’s back again but worse. Hope your well x

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I’m having a better day today thanks but just had a week from hell with pain and sickness couldn’t even keep water down .🌸

Hello, Barry here, we exchanged comments the other day , I was wondering how you are getting on ? ,

Have you managed to sort some better type of pain relief from your GP ?


in reply to Bal1

Hello again Barry,

I’ve been given pain relief but basically told I need to wait until Febuary to be seen even though I feel I’m getting worse in myself.

My pain is worsening and there has been a fair amount of blood when I’m sick now. It’s all quite scary.

I’ve completely decided to go to A&E if I have another bad episode, other than that I’m just trying to live Day to day in agony.

Thank you again, hope you’re well.

Im in similar scenario...they never found out the issue. Do you have gastroparesis? Just curious since you mrnrion emptying test. Would love to hear how your doing and what thry found out.

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