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Need further Liver test results and panicking for Scotland!!

Hi there, I think im on here for a bit of reassurance.

Last year I started experiencing pain to my left side which travelled up to below my rib cage. I went to the doctors who first thought it was IBS and sent me packing, a few months later I went back and told him how this pain is getting worse and he said he would sent me for an Ultra Sound and some blood tests just to do a full MOT on my body.

My ultra sound scan results came back with the receptionist on the phone (not the dr) advising me that there was fat in my liver, she didnt say how much or anything, I was surprised the Dr didnt speak to me about it. I then arranged to have a blood test done in the doctors. I phoned the doctors yesterday and again was greeted by the receptionist on the phone saying to me that they want to do more blood tests as they werent satisfied with my liver results.

They said I have to have a liver function blood test, a Vitamin D blood test and a Hepitius Screening! I am panicking beyond belief because Ive been reading up on all kinds of things releating to Hepititus and its scaring me big time :(

Im 29 years of age, reasonably healthy, ok I have a drink now and again as everyone does but I dont know if its related to that. I was reading things which can cause Hepititus and Ive been very careful with things.

Am I worrying over nothing? Are the doctors doing this to cover their backs? Has anyone has a Hepititus screening before??

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Based on everything you have said, it may be a good idea to make an appointment with your GP and fully discuss everything with them.

It is not appropriate to be given your medical results by a receptionist. If a scan has shown 'fat' in your liver then your GP needs to be fully explaining to you what that means, further testing, lifestyle advice and how your liver will be monitored to check function in the future.

You could also discuss all the blood tests and your queries why they have been recommended with your GP.

Here is our link to the British Liver Trust publication 'Liver disease tests explained' which may give you some more general information;


You may also want to consider asking your GP for a referral to a liver specialist who can further advise, and if appropriate, diagnose you.

Once you have some more facts and information from your GP/specialist you are welcome to get in touch with The British Liver Trust helpline and we can assist you with more information. See link here for our support services;


Warm Wishes,



I too have a fatty liver and I dont even drink alcohol. I think its fairly common and nothing to worry yourself over. I do liver function tests through the blood every now and then.

I now have leisons on my liver that need further investigating but you dont so you dont have that to worry about. Watch what you eat and drink and do regular exercise.

I would schedule an appt with the GP to talk about your results and that will put your mind at ease.



Hi there :) thanks for your message, what annoyed me was its the receptionist who passes on messages from the dr, im actually now in the process of changing GPs because i dont like the way this guy acts!

Did you ever get a hepatitus screening? I hope they are doing it just to cover their backs because ive been panicking ever since.


No one hasever asked me to get tested for Hep. I don't think u have hep at all so don't worry about it! Breathe deep :)

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awe i hope so! My wife and father in law keep in saying theyve got to cover their backs, i was diagnosed with fear of impending doom years ago and thats why i always worry about health lol

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Whenever there is any change in the liver appearance on scans as yours is with the fatty change then doctors will want to try and identify the cause of that change. The liver function tests which have been ordered are routine and will highlight if there is anything 'wrong' with the way your liver is functioning and as for the hepatitis screening that too would be a normal thing to do.

They are just checking that you don't have an ongoing liver inflammation - hepatitis just means 'liver inflammation'.

Ok this will probably involve checking for an underlying viral infection - Hep A & E are normally short lived tummy bug sort of issues picked up from perhaps someone who hasn't got the best of hygiene practises whilst preparing food, Hep B & C are no doubt the scaries that you are thinking about. There should be no stigma attached to these, sadly too often people think they are all to do with dodgy lifestyle activities, however, these too can be picked up innocently. A lot of folks on here got them through blood transfusions or medical procedures, tattoos (pre the current hygiene standards) and such like. Hep B can be controlled with medication to limit it's impact and Hep C can now be removed altogether with new medicinces.

There are also other causes of 'hepatitis/liver inflammation' these being linked with auto-immune conditions and such like and alcohol can cause alcoholic hepatitis.

Fatty liver is something you need to tackle going forward, if fat continues to build up in your liver it will over time damage the liver cells through the livers own defence mechanism of throwing out fibrous tissue to protect cells. This can lead to fibrosis and later cirrhosis. The British Liver Trust has a page specifically about Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) on how you might make lifestyle changes to treat it yourself. We've had very positive stories on here over the past couple of months who have completely reversed fatty liver disease through diet and lifestyle.


You should as Rebecca from the BLT pointed out have a discussion with your doctor as to what he is planning to do and what he is looking for with these tests etc.



Thank you so much for your comment Katie! I will check the link! When the receptionist said "oh youve get a hep screening" i started panicking with things like " have i got bat tattoos (ive got tattoos but i watch the tattooist taking out a clean needle each time) " and panicked about other things which i did in my younger years! I still get a pain under my left rib which is right where my top left liver lobe is but Ive read and it constantly worries me. Ive had people saying your liver doesnt hurt due to nerves? lol


The liver itself doesn't have pain receptors and so it doesn't hurt. However, it and it's various blood supplying vessels are contained within a membrane called the Glisson's Capsule and when the liver is inflamed or enlarged it causes this membrane to stretch and that seems to be when people seem to suffer some noticeable upper right quadrant pain.

I would be tempted to push for a gastroenterology or better still hepatology referral (although the latter are few and far between in Scotland). You need to establish exactly what is going on and they need to identify for definite what is the cause of your pain and liver changes.

If there is something untoward the sooner you begin treatment or make the necessary lifestyle changes the better.

Hope you get answers from medics very soon because stressing in itself can make health situations worse.

All the best, Katie


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