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Small Scar on my liver what dose this mean?

Please don't judge me I'm a hard working 32 year old male. Today I had an ultra sound the nurse giving me the ultra sound must have been quite experienced as she was teaching another nurse and they were quite thorough. When she finishe her actual words were "all done everything is normal but you have a small scar on your liver but is nothing to worrie about" i wish I'd asked more questions not just heard the words nothing to worry about and left!

I've drank 5-7 beers 440ml 5% or a bottle of wine and a couple of beers every night for past 10 years. I quit drinking 6 weeks ago had a liver fuction test that came back as normal. I drank up until the day before the test as I wanted my test results based on my every day life and not a well rested liver. I also did the same in the summer on an earlier attempt to quit! The liver function tests came back normal then too, but my dad died so I carried on drinking for for months.

The reasons I've quit alchole isn't because of health reasons have forced me to stop. its more family reasons (girlfriend) and just wanting to change the way my life's heading. I never had any symptoms of cirrhosis or liver disease. I just woke up a few times after a A heavy sessions with a red puffy face that would go by lunch time Wether I will quit for ever who knows....

So I have few questions

Is a small scar nothing to worry about ?

Is a scar on the liver permanent ?

Is it early cirrhosis ?

Could I have a small scar on the out side of my liver and loads on the inside there for not showing on scan ?

Can you get scaring without having fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease or hepititus ?

How reliable are blood liver funtion tests?

How reliable are ultra sounds for scanning the liver would the be able to tell if I have liver damage ?

Is it possible to have drunk like that and not of done any damage as that's kinda of what I got from the tests

Please help me with answering these I'm worrying thanks ..

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Hi first of all don't worry it all sounds great for you. Blood tests are really accurate in finding out what is going on within our bodies people who have cirrhosis can have no physical symptoms at all but blood's would be screaming I am not well.

The scan you had are very clear and would of shown any damage on the liver, if the woman told you nothing to worry about believe it, if the scar you have was anything to worry about it would of been mentioned.

The scar probably is permanent and it isn't a sign of cirrhosis you may have had since birth.

Everyone one is different concerning alcohol and how it effects us all individually, but you can use it as a warning for yourself to take it a lot easier it doesn't just effect the liver alcohol you have to take your health seriously and not for granted as ones who use this forum wouldn't want anyone to go through what we have endured or are still trying to live with.

Take it as a warning but also really really great news and don't worry so much. Take care x


Thank you for getting back to me. I'm definitely going to take this as a warning sign as I have abused my body to long now. I'm not getting any younger. I really hope you're right about me being fine but after reading your profile you seem like some one who would know more than most. Thanks again and all the best for the future, best of health to you.


No problem God we understand how worrying it can be, and I am right lol.

Enjoy your life hunni and things in moderation x


I can only answer a couple of your questions since I have AIH (autoimmune hepatitis) and have no knowledge therefore of the drink associated issues, but have had some of the tests etc.

Firstly, the blood results are very reliable - liver function tests (LFT's) and the doctors are looking for specific ones in there to tell them the state of not just your liver, but inflammation and bile production. When there is a problem, these will be raised.

Secondly, the ultrasound is a very informative test, especially in the hands of a good operator. But anyone worth their salt would be able to tell if you had liver damage, since they are looking at the texture of the liver. As it becomes damaged, it develops a coarse texture and becomes less elastic. If they were very concerned they would order a biopsy. This is not undertaken lightly and is not something they will do unless absolutely necessary. The other results are usually enough to tell them what they need to know.

Lastly, whilst your liver might not be showing any effects now, I know from reading dckimberley's messages, that it is possible to stop drinking and then have liver problems years later. It could be worth messaging her for further advice regarding that, since I might be mis-remembering things. Only your doctor can say whether you have cirrhosis or not and in fact you are in the lucky position of being able to reverse that, if it were the case and if you so desire, by stopping the damage i.e. giving up the drink.

Very best of luck and write all these questions down for your doctor and get fully armed with all the facts. :)

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Thank you for getting back to me.. Many times I write on these things and nobody replies. I shall speak to my doctor

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No problem, hope I pointed you in the right direction at least. Do come back here if you need further advice, once you have spoken to a doctor. Often times the worry is worse than the reality, so don't be a typical bloke (haha!!) and put off making an appointment. The sooner you get answers, the sooner you will have your mind put at rest. Best of luck :)

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Welcome to the forum.

The British Liver Trust have some online publications that may help in your understanding of liver disease. Here are the links to our publications on 'Liver disease tests explained' 'Living with Liver disease' and 'Alcohol and liver disease'

This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any test results or asking for specific medical advice. This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

Only your own doctors can answer your questions as they have access to your results and medical history.

We hope you find this forum a supportive place to visit,

Best wishes,


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