Ok so yesterday I started feeling pretty rubbish, upper lower back ache, pain in my throat from Thursday's banding, dizzy, feeling sick, temp & this morning I was no better, called 111 and they sorted me out with a doctors appointment, I get there and she looks at my back, feels my spine, checks my abdo and urine (small amount of blood) and had concluded that I have common backache 🤔

I'm not entirely convinced seeing as she has prescribed me codine and it's just taking the edge off it....

I am going to the hospital tomorrow if I'm not feeling you think I should call my TX (I'm pre transplant) coordinator?

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  • Ask yourself.... "What do you think you should do?"

  • I am quite happy to go to the vets right now and be put down....I am quite a stubborn person and I will ride it out rather than put pressure on anyone....I just don't want to be in a situation where I do damage to myself by getting an infection....if it's not just backache like x

  • Hi , yeah I would see what they say I'd also go see another doc for a 2 nd opinion as that doesn't sound right to me , is your urine s light colour or dark as that could point towards dehydration or kidneys as it's your back , hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you. I am drinking lots...not eating right now....I just don't want to be a person that is seen to be a hypercondriact (apologies for the spelling) x

  • I totally get where your comin from , it's not good having stuff goin on when your awaiting tx , I noticed the little things got to me , aches n so on , I just put it all down to my illness , keep smilin

  • Thank you....fingers crossed a good nights sleep will sort me out x

  • I hope so , maybe feel better tomorrow, but do get in touch with co ordinaters ,good luck with everything

  • Please get another opinion. You aren't being a Hypochondriac. You obviously sound quite concerned & you know yourself better than anyone. Have a good rest 2night & if u rnt feeling normal please act on it x

  • Thank you I will x

  • Ring you co-ordinaries and I suspect they will advise getting to A&E, a temperature is not good for you, and dizziness isn't either, take some of your hospital notes with you, get some bloods done asap, I am rubbish about making the decision to go in because I worry it's nothing or it will get better by the next day, this just isn't the case. It's not about about being a hypercondriac you have a condition which makes you more vulnerable.

  • Thanks Gareth x

  • Well said. I agree. Better safe than sorry!

  • It's funny, I'm as stubborn as a donkey at a water hole, but telling someone else to do it is so easy! I messed about for 3 days convincing myself nothing was wrong, well that back fired!! You live and learn!

  • My husband has a raging temperature at new year and felt terrible. We were away from Home so rang the transplant coordinators for advice and because it was weekend they responded three days later !! We had no idea should we go into a hospital or just sit and wait. In the end I persuaded him to take a paracetamol and temp did come down. It's that fine line between am I poorly enough to be admitted or are we being too cautious.

  • That's exactly it. If tomorrow I feel no better or worse I'll go to the hospital. Hope your husband us feeling better. X

  • What harm can it do Chelle? You don't want to mess about.. maybe it's a delayed reaction to the banding.. maybe it's not... I am absolutely sure they would rather check you out to be sure. I would go to A and E if you're not better tomoz (if not sooner). You take care xx

  • Hi, I have quite bad lower back pain regulalry but it is the piraformis muscle and fibromyalgia .....but backache worsens when under stress. There is also a virus going around which I had, dizzy, sick, feeling odd...but is better now..almost anyway. banding wise, I get a lot of discomfort and cant eat solid for two weeks after each one. Just saying this so you dont worry too much till you speak to the TP department. Good luck.

  • Ok so....thank you for all your responses....I've held out, such a stubborn mule...I know! However this morning I woke up feeling great! My back feels good, temperature normal, I don't feel sick, no dizziness....still a little headache but in comparison to how I have been feeling the past few person!!

    It's so difficult to judge what we should be going to the hospital for...I agree we probably should never take chances, this time though it paid off! Thank you x

  • Tha main thing is you are all right x

  • I phone who your under at the hospital there no harm asking I hope you get answers take care xxxx

  • Hi Chelle . Don't listen to one doctor , listen to what your body is telling you Hun , ring the hospital pre tx team and tell them . Hope you get things sorted soon xx

  • Sorry you are not feeling so well hope you feel better soon - always good to keep your TX I'm the loop ----- Leon Barley water and cranberry juice might help

    Take care 🎈

  • Good morning Chelle,

    Hope your back is a bit better today.

    My experience pre transplant was pretty bad for muscle and bone aches and pains all over. The worst was my hips. I found it really painful getting in or out of a chair and the pain was bad enough to wake me at night.

    Following transplant I would say that the pain disappeared by roughly 80% and now, 9 months later still improving. I'm now playing an hours table tennis with difficulty.

    I hope you have the same result - and soon.


  • Thanks Jim...I have to say it was a testing three days...yesterday morning it was like I'd been given a new body however last night my neck started to seize up and I stuffers turning my head....I think I have an infection somewhere in my body but because I have so many things going in they can't spot it. I've just been taking prescribed painkillers which isn't so great and only taking off the edge of the pain in my neck or back however has rid me of pain surrounding my liver and spleen which has been quite plesent. I'll email one of the administrators today and get her to contact me team.

    Pleased to hear you are doing so much better x

  • yes call someone plz that doesn't seem rt

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