What colour is normal???

Ok. Apologies. Not the nicest of subjects. But what colour urine do you guys have? From what I've read dark urine can be a symptom of liver problems but mine more often than not is REALLY dark. To the degree you can't see the bottom of the pan through it. It does vary but is always relatively dark.

I must admit I probably don't drink enough fluids but I wouldn't consider myself as anywhere near dehydrated.

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  • well it could be, i do know it shouldn't be that dark; dark is not healthy; go to your gp and have some tests done; you may have a urinary tract infection though, could be the kidneys; try not to panick. drink more water too. But get to the doctors.

  • you can still be dyhydrated without feeling that way. so drink plenty fluids. i mean plenty and see if this urine colour goes. in the morning its usually darkest. drink 8 glasses of water today then check your urine. some medicines can make ur urine dark also some foods. also check with your doctor. love grace xoxo

  • Very yellow!

  • Before transplant mine had gone the colour of tea. Really dark, and it didn't make any difference how hydrated I was. It's to do with the kidneys dealing with Bilirubin. If you drink a couple of pints of water and your urine is still coloured you probably need to seek medical advice.

  • hi did you ever know or hear of someone having a brainscan eeg to test for h. encephalitis?

    hope you don't mind me asking you but youve had transplant and been on site quite a while so thought you might be more likely to have heard of it. thanjs cazer

  • No I've not heard of anyone needing a brain scan. It's my understanding that HE can leave permanent brain damage after a bad attack. This probably why someone might need a scan to see the extent of the damage.

  • the prof said i have some symptoms of h. e. but not all of them.... dont have flap so hes checking to make sure there is not another cause for sleep and memory problems. it almost feels like hes trying to avoid me getting asessed I'm sure thats me being paranoid.

    my bilirubin is 41ukeld51 i have varices v. enlarged spleen and am pretty much nocturnal... get to sleep about 3/4 and then could stay asleep given the peace to do so.

    struggling with concentration names of people ive know for years.

    the other day i forgot my husbands mobile which he's had for years!!!

    i have some itching and awful fatigue. bowel problems etc.

    I know that the fatigue may not go with a transplant but a lot of the other stuff would be sorted out... so having been like this for 18years i so need to be assessed... sorry to harp on... what was the tip over for asessment for you or were you rushed in? cheers cazer. x

  • my urine is also teacolour and pale bowel movements. i drink plenty of water and was told its bilirubin in urine but it could have other causes so get checked out by docs. best wishes cazer.

  • Yes pale stools is another sign. To do with the liver unable to breakdown fat. It's best to keep to a low fat low sodium diet.

  • Yes sounds like you have plenty of symptoms. I had symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, enlarged spleen and varices for years. I then went down hill very rapidly and had ascites, jaundice and my bloods were all over the place. I'm not sure I ever had HE as I did have some kind of episode but I think that was due to diuretics and low sodium (I think even the consultants debated the cause).

    Worryingly at first my local consultant did not to put me forward for assessment until I came back with my family and demanded to be sent to Kings. Having been to assessment I was then put on priority listing.

    If you feel paranoid he is avoiding putting you forward for assessment doesn't mean he isn't. I would push him for an answer as to when you will be sent, what are the triggers. If you're not happy get a second opinion.

    It's not something you can afford to feel paranoid about.

  • trouble is consults all say something different... 2 visits ago he said when bilirubin gets near 50 we will asess you. 2nd one admittedly a registrar said i think you need asessing now but have to talk to colleagues then they said have rifixamab but lets see what happens.

    latest one brain scan and will asess at bilirubin 100...

    i do understand that im borderline assessment but finding the moving of goal posts very difficult mentally to deal with.

    also 3month ago one was not even basing assessment on h. e or brain scan.

    trouble is seems like more desperate you get further away it seems. thanks for reading ramblings. cheers cazer. x

  • Yes it can be difficult mentally, it's a lot of stress and with liver disease your judgements and clarity are also impaired. If I was in your situation right now I would ask for a consultation regarding transplant assessment. Get a family member or good friend to go with you and ask exactly what your long term prospects are. If they don't sound good then ask why you aren't being put forward for assessment. When I was ill pre transplant I found it helped to break things down and concentrate on the next step. For you right now it's clarity on your situation. Your next step maybe jumping through hoops to get assessment.

  • thanks yes i have a consultation on monday after the eeg so they will hopefully have the results there and will be able to act on that.

    worst case scenario is that its something else causing memory problems and that could really confuse matters.

    my daughter is coming as well as hubby this time so hopefully that will help matters.

    i think you are right about the hoops!!!!

    will let you know what happens.

    cheers cazer.

  • I have been through several colors from dark to clear

  • Mine has been the colour of strong tea recently, changing to very clear as the day wears on. Speaking of tea - I drink bucketfuls! I am also aware that dehydration is not always obvious, which is worrying because most of us are guilty of taking in insufficient fluids - particularly in the case of alcohol addiction or following a binge!

  • The fact that it does go clear later in the day is probably a good sign. One of the first symptoms I had that the liver disease had progressed was my urine colour. One day I thought it was pretty dark so thought I'd drink pints and pints of water to check it went clear. It went lighter but still yellow, so I knew something was up.

  • If I drink a fair bit it does lighten but no way near being clear or even light yellow. And returns to being dark fairly quickly.

  • That's probably an indication to get checked out. Still might be nothing but it's obviously causing you anxiety.

  • Almost colourless is the right colour. Dark can indicate many issues and needs checking out with a doc.

  • Drink more fluids and see if it changes, if not, get to the GP.

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