Hi I've got an appointment at the hospital very soon to discuss my gallstone/gallbladder, I'm petrified they will want to put the tube down my throat, I had it once before put they went through nose just to threat for persistent cough and I had a major panic attack almost fainted. I've had a scan confirming the gallstones and pain comes and goes and it kept under control with acid tablets from dr opmetrozol excuse spelling. I had surgery 31/2 yrs ago for a total hysterectomy due to ovarian tumours and dr want me to see consultant to discuss options as with my scarring from surgery could cause problems. Sorry to go on but firstly just scared of thought of camera.

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  • Very common to have a phobia of endoscopy, it has got to be one of the worst procedures going and many will agree with me. My hubby has had many of the past few years some of which failed due to his overactive gag reflex. He ALWAYS has the throat spray plus sedation and actually since he learned the trick of holding his breath when the spray is applied (it stops the immediate activation of his gag reflex and) the procedure has gone well, he doesn't recall what has happened due to sedation and although he still gets anxious before hand he isn't half as bad as before (it used to be like driving a condemned man on our way to hospital). At one point we even asked about a general anaesthetic but were told it was a no go.

    I know it's easy for me to say but the more relaxed you can be the more effective the sedation is and the procedure is over and done with in no time (less than 10 minutes). If you go in already worked up then the sedation can actually reverse in affect and cause you to be more aware.

    Wishing you the very best of luck,

    Katie x

  • hello lady1. if your going to the hospital to disuss gallstones then they wont be doing anything, if you were going to have a procedure it would say so on your appointment card.iv had a total hysterectomy and so have a few of us on this forum and we were all worried we would get cut open because of the scarring. however everyone has been okay up to now that i'v read about and i'v read a few. also my own hysterectomy did not stop them from going in to my navel so that was fine. however i had problems with other things and eventually had to get cut open for an operation. it lasted 5 hours. i'also had a tube down my throat that was called an ERCP as my stone, I only had one was 3cm in size and was in my bile duct it couldnt be removed as it had calcified. i had a condition called mirizzisis syndrome . most gallbladders are removed quite easily as its an operation that is performed every day many times and is usually straightforward. you go in to the day surgery in the morning and most people are home again at tea time. some people may stay overnight. they give you pain relief almost before your conscious of the operation so that was great no bad suffering they also give you enough pain relief to go home with until you can see your doctor. i had to eat very small meals before my op and no fatty or fried food. no cheese cream pizzas, i also took omeprazole and buscopan for indegestion and acid and stomach cramps and tramadol and sometimes dyhydrocoeidine for pain. try not to worry. its easier said than done. but you wont be getting any tubes up your nose and it would tell you on the appointment sheet that you were having a procedure. they are probably going to check your scar as they did do that to me and warned me that they might have to cut me open but the first time i went in to hosptial they did not cut me open as my gallbladder had shrunk to the size of a thimble and they could not find the gallstone. that was the start of my problems. i'm sure everything will be fine for you i hope so. all the best and keep in touch, love grace oxoxo 🙋🏼

  • Hi the gag fear is one of my bone of contention s ive found the amount of sedation varies i asked to be put out ok we can do that its a years wait ! i also have had colonoscopy s for the last 40 years the lasts one was the worst i ever had very light sedation ,previous your aware but dont care Dez

  • Hello there

    3 years ago I had presumed gastritis and it was only after 3 attempts by my GP that I agreed to an endoscopy. I gag having an xRay at the dentist so the whole idea terrified me. Words cannot express adequately how panic stricken I was but I know your fear exactly. In the end it was ok ... I had sedation no spray and I remember everything BUT critically I felt no fear, no panic and it was over as quickly as it began. I was euphoric that I'd done it. Please believe me if I can get through it you can. Anticipation is always worse than the event itself and I made sure everyone knew how terrified I was. Everyone was lovely and very reassuring. You will be fine. Jean X

  • Hi I was rushed to a and Saturday morning with awful pain, blood test came back ok but they have referred me back to GP to request scan as think it's gallstones. I also had full vertical incision hysterectomy two years. I really struggle taking tablets and nearly throw up, there is no way I could have a camera down my throat. Scared now, got to try and get gp appt looks like two week wait

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