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Liver cysts and gallstones

Hi. I have been diagnosed with Gallstones but also have a problem with my liver and kidneys. I always put down Liver problems to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. I couldn't have been more wrong. I don't drink apart from maybe a glass of baileys at Christmas. Iv always been very healthy apart from the odd binge on chocolate so to discover I have gallstones and Liver cysts was scary. If anyone suffers the same I would love to hear your stories.

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There seem to be a number of different possible causes of gallstones, with things like the patient's weight, the health of the gallbladder and the level of cholesterol as possible factors.

How were the cysts on the liver diagnosed? Have you had an MRI which is the most accurate in spotting differences between cysts, lesions, fatty deposits, tumours etc. If they are simple benign cysts, these can be formed if there is a problem with bile ducts, which kind of links to the gallstones and gallbladder problem.

Have you been given any lifestyle/self help advice to improve the health of your liver, bile ducts and gallbladder?


Hi Bolly. Thanks for replying. The cysts were seen when I went for the ultrasound to diagnose Gallstones. I have the MRI scan tomorrow but have an appointment for the results in 4 weeks time. My lifestyle is fine. I'm not overweight have a fairly healthy diet. Don't smoke since iv had my kids don't drink. I think that's why I'm so worried. If I drank or smoked heavily then maybe I could understand better. I suppose I will have to wait and see.


Hi bell. This link takes you to the NHS page on gallstones.

As you will see there is no direct link between gallstones and smoking or drinking so you can stop being baffled about that. Maybe there will be some clue on that list as to why you have gallstones.

Re the cysts, the MRI will show if they are cysts, or something else like lesions or fatty deposits.

The link here to the British liver Trust page on benign cysts might give you a clue as to why you may have cysts, again simple cysts are linked to problems with the gallbladder function, not smoking or drinking.

Take a look at both references and, despite your non smoking non drinking healthy diet lifestyle you may find a clue.


Thanks Bolly.

MRI went ok results soon


I have got a fatty liver and gallstones was told to dat that I have diabetes cant believe now she wants me to see a specialist because she is not sure how to treat the diabetes as thy have only started since Feb the strange thing is I feel fine I have a drink maybe 2a week ans not every week can go 3 weeks then l have one like you. lalways thought it was drink related did you have your gallstones removed Take Carey


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