Letter to Donor

Hello all,

This March will be the first anniversary of my liver transplant.

I'm now thinking about writing to my donor family to thank them for the gift of life.

Clearly, for them, the anniversary will be a time of sadnes, so I'm going to write maybe in April or May.

I'm interested in how others have approached this following their transplant.


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  • We did write a very nice letter at the time of transplant but unfortunately never received any response.

  • Hi,

    It's always going to be a tricky time. If you express how grateful you are for the gift they and their loved one gave, you can't go wrong. Words can never fully convey just what it means but letting them know that their gift means so much might just give them some comfort.

    Good luck with the rest of your recovery, mine will be two years in July and I've been so blessed to have this extra time with my family and see my granddaughter grow.

    Best wishes


  • I too am about to write, i had concern over "reminding" the family of their loss, which is I know stupid, as they will never forget.....so with that in mind I plan to express my gratitude, mention my families eternal thanks, and praise them for being so brave and courageous at such a dire time for them.

  • I wrote mine shortly after my transplant and I was very grateful for the advice and guidance from the liver transplant team who were able to help me find the right form of words. I am sure they would still be prepared to help.

    I never expected a reply as my letter was sent anonymously. I was never clear as to the mechanism for sharing more personal information and would be interested in hearing about other practices.


  • Hi , I to am now at the stage of writin a letter I think it's best after the 1 st anniversary as I believe it would be better received , also you can put more into it on how your recovery is going bein able to watch your family grow up n also how grateful you are for such a gift of life , I'd also tell them about things I've done since transplant like maybe the love you feel from close ones n how xmas went , but always be humble n mention how none of these things would or could have happened if it was not for there family member giving you such a great gift , all the best with your letter , n I think your already on the right track by waitin till after there 1st anniversary.

  • I was thinking the same a few days ago and speaking to my family about it. My transplant operation is also 12 mths on the 8 March 2017. Will be getting in touch with my coordinators soon to get advice on what to write and when to write. So will be interested in your situation and updates

  • Thanks for all the replies.

    Gives me a lot to consider.

    I've got my next clinic on the 7th February so I could arrange to see the transplant coordinator to discuss 'the letter' might also be the time to ask for the information they are allowed to give about my donor.

    A brilliant new year to everyone in our 'liver community'


  • I just wrote which was 18months after my transplant I had to write two letters as my initial transplant. Did not work and I had to have one immediately so it was difficult to write and not say the transplant didn't work so I chose not to say. Right or wrong I don't know but for me the bravest thing the family did was donate the liver I'm the first instance. Congratulations on your first anniversary may you have many more xx

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