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Living Donor Transplant


My sister has a rare syndrome called alagilles, it affects her liver along with many other organs. She is now 21, I am 23. We have no option but to do a liver transplant. It is most likely that we will be doing the living donor transplant in Kings Hospital England. I am hoping to be a possible donor and am currently undergoing tests. My mother may also be a possible donor.

This operation is never done in Ireland and therefore can receive very little information about it first hand. I would be very grateful of any advice, contacts, details etc that anyone could offer.

Many thanks,


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That's really brave of you to consider to be a live donor, my hubby is waiting a liver transplant just now under the Scottish team at Edinburgh. They (I believe) were the first hospital in the UK to pioneer live liver transplants and during our transplant assessment they gave us a book about it to consider but as I am my hubby's only source of support we've had to rule it out.

However, the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit has an excellent website including a big bit on live donation -

I would think the procedure and protocols are the same at Kings so it should give you a lot more information thank you have already.

All the best to you all with the assessment and the procedure if it goes ahead.

Katie xxx


Thanks Katie, that link is really helpful.

Hope your husband gets a liver soon. Best of luck with it.



You are welcome and thank you.

All the best, Katie x


There is some basic information here: . Kings College hospital have loads of patient leaflets, some of which are downloadable online if you google "Kings College Hospital patient leaflets", but hopefully the transplant team there will have some information for you.


Thank you!


That's a great thing to do my sister needed one ASAP , my mum would have been a good donor but her age went against her ( thank god she got one it's nearly her 1st year Anniversary but it's been a very hard year , wishing you all the very best good luck hope your a perfect match xx


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