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Non alcoholic fatty liver disease


I was recently told (16th December) that I have NAFLD. This kinda worries me a bit as I don't know much about it. This was found on a MRI scan (mrcp) for another condition. I have had a genetic blood test and a liver function etc done and as of yet not got the latest results. Hopefully the results are good news as already too ill to deal with more health issues.

So I was wondering if any of you lovely people can give me more of an insight into this condition.

Thanks in advance

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A first place to start might be the British Liver Trust page on NAFLD at:-


Thanks so much for the link ☺

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Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver MAY lead to Non-Alcoholic fatty Liver Cirrhosis.Do not get upset

Control your diet and go for regular exercises.If you are a Diabetic take the advice of a doctor

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Hope you have been tested for alpha one antitrypsin deficency, a liver disease, you mentioned genetic test so I assume you have been , if not get tested for it. A metabolic disease first and foremost , but most patients present with emphysema first , the root of the problem in alpha one is liver first and foremost..good luck!


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