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Metformin & Non-alcoholic fatty Liver disease

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Hi Everyone,

I have been told by my doctor a few months ago that I can't take Metformin for my Polycystic Ovaries because I have a Liver condition/Fatty Liver.

When I saw my Gynaecologist yesterday, she wasn't so sure about that and i've looked online and can only see that it can help.

Metformin is the only medication that will work for my polycystic ovaries and was wondering if anyone else uses it or knows if it's safe to use so I can get my symptoms under control?



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Hiya when I had cirrhosis I was still prescribed metoformin for my pcos, I was on it until about a year before transplant. Can I ask have they informed you that pcos can cause cirrhosis? Their is a link on one of my posts about it, because consultants always blamed alcohol until my gynaecology consultant told me otherwise x

I have PBC stage 4 Cirrhosis and I take Metformin for Diabetes.

Meteor in should be fine as long as you have regular blood tests, it can cause spikes in your liver enzymes with some people. Many still take it who are oth prediabetic and diabetic.

Yep I have Fatty liver for 10 years and recently diagnosed as diabetic and I've been prescribed metformin. Only just starting so it sure of anything long term but I've read a lot of people take it with same conditions as me.

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Mel2637 in reply to jbrking

I have taken it for diabetes and have had no problems

Do you mean Gp? Is anyone checking this out for you. Mine started me on metformin for type 2 diabetes and also have fatty liver. Hepatologists said no problem

I have been taking metformin for about 10 years maybe longer and I have been seeing a hepatologist got 6 years following up on a fatty liver and possible ciroatic liver. No problems with the metformin

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