I'm so breaking out tomorrow!

I'm so breaking out tomorrow!

Well nothing focuses the mind as having to spend the week running up to Christmas in hospital.

Yes I'm going to be a good boy and wait for my proper discharge, the paperwork is done just cannula out, pack my bag badly, got my friend awaiting my rescue call, then I'm home to hug my amazing wife and daughter, I can't imagine what they have both gone through this last week.

Forget the materialistic crap tomorrow, hug those people that stand beside you. xx

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  • Merry Christmas my friend. Hope you get discharged and back home to your wife and little girl. Have a great Christmas and take it easy. Nicki


    You leaving the hospital in your getaway car 😂

  • Well objective number 1 achieved I did get home, but only on day release, need to put some attention to getting my haemoglobin level up, in fairness in my mind I was ready to go home, but my body was telling a different story. So back on the ward, cannula re installed, I'm going to get hold of Kings tomorrow as I think they will have a better plan for me, I'm not spending my entire Christmas holiday in hospital, I've got left over turkey to see to!!

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