Back again

Hi Guys

Havent been on for sometime. (you know the old head in the sand trick)

Nice to see that some old faces are here, some finally getting the treatment theyve been looking for.

Im after some muscles wasting advice.

I wake in the morning and my arms seem to ache quite a lot. Im also aware that my upper body is getting smaller.

Im trying to react with more protein and exercise but im not sure if this has caused a very mild episode of HE.

Can someone explain what it feels like? and does anyone else have these aching pains in upperbody muscles?

I seem to have very very short, momentary brain stall every now and again.

Thanks, and keep well all.


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  • welcome back mate-wondered what had happened to you! I sadly cant offer any advice on this occasion although I suspect that's what lies ahead of me. Did you actually get a diagnosis in the end? I just had an ultrasound recently which showed fatty liver but I think its more than that-I think My liver may be damaged but we'll see.

    Anyway good to have you back.

  • Hi there Briccolone, I wondered if you were still around.

    Unfortunately diagnosed with high F3 (maybe F4) fibroscan about 6 months ago.

    Only managed to stop drinking about 3 months ago, but its going Ok now Ive settled into it.

    Bloods were all over the place when i finally got the results.

    GP didnt refer me or wouldnt discuss any medication until Id stopped drinking (which is fair play I guess), but he treats me like a common criminal! (hes confessed to never having a drink)

    Now im happy that Ive stopped, I need to make another visit and find out the next step.

    Hope you are keeping well. Its good to hear from you.


  • sorry to hear about the F3/4 outcome I'd be interested to know about that and the bloods if you're willing to share..? BLT don't like posts on this these days though. However-my understanding is fibrosis can be reversed to a certain extent especially with cessation of drinking. You've prompted me to get a fibroscan -I doubt if I will be referred at present as U/S just shows fatty liver but my GGT levels worry me. ALT slightly elevated.

  • I'll hook out the results briccolone and share.

    I'm hoping to improve the fibro score. GP was confident it would improve with no alcohol but it could take months.

    One month for every year of drinking. And that's a long long time.

    Symptoms come and go.

    One huge improvement was when I was give B vitamins

  • yes I remember Bolly giving that advice some years back-sadly I didn't take it so as a result my GGT is 10 times what it should be and slightly raised ALT. Symptoms are palish stools-although this is improving and the day I had my U/S I excreted a load of sludge which I'm guessing came from the bile ducts-I've felt better since. Liver still feels inflamed but this comes and goes. Exercise definitely helps. Have managed to loss half a stone as well. Have been dry for 6 weeks but wasn't drinking much before. I noticed a big intolerance to alcohol as vapour-i.e when used in cooking-feel a bit light headed and I think this is liver damage. Whether its permanent or not remains to be seen. Anyway-enough of my woes-keep in touch.

    cheers and all the best on your recovery

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