Does anyone else have tinnitus as a result of their liver condition? I don't know if the two are connected but have noticed a continuous ringing in my ears, more noticeable when I'm in a quite place, and only think it started when my liver issues started. Some mornings I wake up and it feels like my ears have been stuffed full of cotton wool and occasionally this seems to affect my balance.

It's amazing when a part of you starts to fail you become hyper aware of everything else your body does.

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  • Not really tinnitus, but I know that as my liver disease got worse I had what I can only describe as a thick head sometimes, especially in the morning. Foggy brain, like all my scenes had been turned down.

  • I have had tinnitus for a few years now. Came on suddenly. But it has nothing to do with my liver transplant. Tinnitus is more through stress etc. It sometimes gets really bad but I'm afraid it's a case of living with it. There is no cure. I am sure my doctors would have said whether it has anything to do with the liver ! Hope it helps.

    Louise xx

  • i have it and i think it is related to my cirrhosis. Iused to be able to just jump up out of bed in the am and go. now i have stretch and bend just to get body to go joints stiff and sore dr said to learn to live with it and the tinnitus

  • Tinnitus has nothing to do with Liver Disease

  • That is what I thought Veeyares. I even remember how mine started. I was in such stress and travelling, looking after my aunt plus my own appointments. One day I was cleaning her flat and rushing around. While hoovering I quickly bent down and something like an electric shock went through my head - leaving a sissing sound in the ears, which hasn't gone since. I think that was 2012 !

  • It could be caused by the stress of your liver condition, but not from your liver condition itself. Only you will know if your liver condition is causing you stress. All the best Ian

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