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Just a quick ?

My local gastro specialist has referred me to Kings, he has stated I'm looking at a liver transplant unless their pathologist disagrees for any reason.

Has anyone else been referred to Kings and if so how long did you wait till your first appointment there? It's been a couple of weeks and I've not heard anything. I'm a pretty patient patient but I'm getting to the stage where I just want a definitive this is what we are doing.

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You need to chase Kings.

Ring Liver department and ask to speak to whoever is dealing with referrals and ask them what the waiting time is.

This is just to make sure the referral has gone through.

Believe me the NHSi is a "chasing game". We learnt the hard way but know our way around the system now.

Good Luck


Good advice from carmik. Although the NHS are brilliant don't be afraid to chase things up and question anything you think doesn't sound right.

Mistakes are often made and this is how patients fall through the cracks.


Chase them. my husband had his nephrectomy there. we were told 2 weeks but it ended up being 4. prof Heaton George best's surgeon was brilliant.

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Hello, I agree with all the above comments. Get as involved as you can. Chase them. Don't be left in the dark....this is your life. Good luck.

With love Helen

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Thank you for your replies and kind comments. I have spoken to Kings and got my appointment now, albeit not till December but that's partly my fault as I'm away on the first date they offered me.

Hopefully when I get there I'll finally get a definitive answer as to what's going to happen.

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