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A Long Weekend

My first post on here was really about diet and how to reduce the effects of gallstones. Since then I've had a ultrasound and MRI and have also now seen the surgeon. I think, mostly it's been positive. I'm relieved to say that despite A&E being concerned about my liver tests everything on the scans appear to be normal apart from a gallbladder full of stones!

I'm now in that "limbo" stage waiting for a date for gall bladder removal and having to live with the pain of the stones in the meantime.

This weekend has been verging on unbearable. I came home from work early on Friday as I had pain and knew it could turn quicky into me vomiting and passing out. Thankfully I took co-codomil in time and I got through and even managed to sleep. But that's how the whole weekend has been. Pain, pills and sleep.

There seems to be a pattern in terms of time. I wake up fine. Then by lunch time I feel it gradually getting worse in my back. Then by 3pm I'm in agony. Then finally between 7-8 in the evening I start to feel human again. It's always in my back though. Like someone is sticking hot pokers in me and leaving them there then twisting them a little every now and then. This time, it also happens to coincide with my period which is just exasperating everything.

I feel generally really rubbish, my husband feels helpless and my poor son has had a rubbish end to his half term with his mum being poorly (again).

I know I'm probably feeling sorry for myself but I actually don't know what else to do at the moment to improve things until I finally get the date for the op.

Thanks for listening! 🙂

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hi this is grace. i'v had my gallbladder removed and the symptoms as you say are extremely painfull and debilitating. its good that you have pain killers you may also need omeprazole for acid and buscopan for cramps in the stomach. and also cyclizine for sickness. the best thing you can do for yourself at this moment in time is to eat a very low fat. they do suggest 3% fat at each meal. things like chicken potato and veg. take the skin of the chicked, eat very small meals and have quite a few of those through the day. fish, chicken turkey rice soups and plenty veg. try not to take any dairy foods or butter as this time or cheese of fried foods as all those contribute the pain try taking nice gentle walks and get fresh air, im actaully exhausted today truffle so im going to have a rest. there are many of us who have had our gallbladder i expect someone will turn up to tell you have they managed while waiting for the actual operation. i will come back and say hello tomorro and if there is anything i forget i will add it then. one last very imporatnt thing is you suffer any extreme pain its best to go to the hospital as stones can end up in the bile duct and cause infectoin as did with me and some othere, all the best for now. love grace xoxoxo 🤗


Hi I agree entirely with the advise given by graceq111 I had very small meals minuscule in comparison to what I used to eat lost a lot ofweight that was OK I was overweight the op is no problem you will be fine after remember your body needs time to recover


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