TACE or Y-90 anyone with experience?

I see the ragiologist. My tumor must be shrank or I am very soon literally out of here. Its encapsulated. They want to shoot radio active materials into the tumor, seal it off so the radioactivity is confined and not systemic. Anyone know anything about either of these procedures. By the end of the month, the doctors will know which one to use. Positive or negative experiences are good to share. It will help me prepare for things coming soon. Thanks

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  • so sorry i cant help you on this one my sweet friend but i want you to know i have my fingers and toes crossed for you and my animals have paws 🐾 crossed. Wishing you all the luck in the world. ❤ and hugs your way ❤

  • Hello,

    As you may already know - my husband had to have tumours embolised - as long as the tumours haven't reached any veins or ways they could spread to the rest of the body - should be ok...

    I did post a lot during that time...

    All the best...


  • Thanks, my memory is bad, maybe I can find your posts. Did it destroy his tumor? I hope so. How long was his recovery?

  • Hello,

    Yes it did destroy the tumours and he was in hospital for a total of 3 days...


  • How difficult of a recovery? Did all go properly with no damages to anything near the tumors? Thank you.

  • Hello,

    He actually got a reaction to codeine which he's allergic to- didn't have any major reactions - the liver was already in a bad way so it was a race against time to stop the tumours...

    Lots of love,


  • Thank you. 👍

  • I know a few people who have had TACE, and in each instance their tumours were shrunk enough to go on to have transplant. I don't know anyone who has had Y90 yet , but believe this is the same as is used regulary for probate cancer quite successfully.

  • Really good news. Thank you. Jeez I have such little faith in it working. Now I have more. Thank you.

  • I will try and get you a link to a blog of someone who has had it too. Se is a lovely lady and has her own web site , although she had Hep C which was the cause.

  • ihelpc.com/ethanol-alcohol-.... This is about her second treatment , the residual part of the cancer returned she had TACE the first time.

  • Thank you. I will reaf it.

  • It was very helpfu. Thank you, thats was very thoughtful. I had hep c for 43 years.

  • I had TACE twice for HCC prior to liver transplant to shrink the tumours. Worked well for me. The procedure is long, uncomfortable and boring but not painful. You well looked after and everything is explained to you. Afterwards you will have to lie down on your bed for at least 4 hrs. Hope it all goes well for you, good luck. If you need any advice or details please ask me.

  • Thank you. I will be back to you with questions.😊How large were your tumors? Mine 7.7 cm one only encapsulated.

  • At least you only have the one, which they can concentrate on. I had two 4+ so I was lucky they found the tumours early.

  • Its great to hear all worked out for you.

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