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Does anyone share my experience?

Hi, I'm new to this. last year my dad was diagnosed with liver disease/ cirrhosis. After a very long fight my dad unfortunately lost his battle and passed away. i was just wondering if anyone else has lost someone to this disease and how are they coping with it? Also did the person totally lose brain function (can't remember actual diagnosis name). Every day is a struggle and i would like to know if anyone else is struggling along side me.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, we have had a few posters this year who have supported their loved ones right to the end including one young lady who gave up work to be with her Dad until his last days. I note that you haven't had a reply but I am sure you will understand that others who may be in the same boat as yourself are struggling just now with the festive season approaching and their loss still being very raw.

Sadly living with and then dying from liver disease is a horrible thing. For my part I am supporting my husband who was diagnosed with cirrhosis completely out of the blue back in April 2012. Our entire lives have been turned upside down as literaly it was an over night deal and a seemingly fit and active youngish fellow (49 at the time) suddenly found himself with a life limiting condition. His was due to Auto-Immune Hepatitis and came with little warning.

Sorry to hear of your loss, the loss of brain function which your dad obviously had would have been Hepatic Encephalopathy which is a side effect of having too many toxins building up in the blood stream and affecting brain function & it has varying degrees and effects.

Maybe someone in exactly the same boat as yourself may comment as some point, I just didn't want your post going unanswered.

All the best, lots of love, Katie


Yes I lost my dad in oct to esld/cirrhosis. I would like to talk to you more. I miss him so much!!! I am coping okay as work keeps me busy and my mind occupied but I cry often. Did not start the process of cleaning out his home, I know that will be the next step. How are you? How old was your dad? Mine was 63 and struggled for a long time with addiction.


Hi, Im the same I miss my dad so much especially at this time of the year it brings back so many memories! I'm coping ok too I have a great boyfriend who helps me through each day , I can't thank him enough! My dad was 55 when he died and also struggled with addiction but he was also functioning well until a rapid decrease in health. I'm sure you will manage with his stuff just don't do it too fast, as we haven't did anything with my dads stuff either.

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I am glad to hear you have support. I have a great support system too. My husband has been wonderful. Christmas was hard. My sisters and I always met at his house in the afternoon. I did stop by his house alone this year to spend a moment alone. Some days it still doesn't feel real! I've had more than one dream with him in it. I still can't wrap my mind around how I will never talk to him again.


I lost my dad October 31st very suddenly due to sepsis. He had cirrhosis, ascities, and developed spontaneous bacterial infection. He was functioning normally up until July time when he couldn't control his bowels, he had all sorts of tests and was finally admitted to hospital 5 days before his passing. After antibiotics he started to improve and then out of the blue suddenly passed away.

I'm struggling to cope and can't bare the thought of having Christmas without him. I do have the most amazing family though and they are helping me.

I feel your pain and hope that one day we can all find peace.

My dad was 66 and struggled with alcoholism from 30yrs of age


Sounds VERY similar to what I went through with my dad. I am so sorry for your loss.


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