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post transplant recovery 2

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Hi peoples been a little while since I have been here wife is getting much better liver is doing great bit slow on recovery but will get there, so all of you out there that have just had one done or are waiting it is the BEST thing that can happen and you will be much happier

Just one more thing to knock her back they have now found she has a hole in the heart and a faulty valve if the poor woman has not been through enough look back at my old posts to see her problems.

But somehow and i do not know how she still remains happy and looking froward, if it had been me i would have ended it all

thanks for listening you are a great bunch of people


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So glad she's feeling bit better, being through so much and still so positive is a gift. All the best and hope things continue to improve. x

Hope everything is now on the up.xx

Thanks Dave..Great to hear.

I had the call this morning and am at Kings awaiting possible tx about 6pm apparently

Scarey but looking forward to feeling normal!!!!

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nickiwj in reply to Dorset123

Good luck 🍀 Keep us posted 💞

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X19Dave in reply to Dorset123

Hi hope all goes well for you and yes you will feel normal, but it is sometimes a bit of a slow recovery but you will get there just give it time

Good luck Dorset123

Thanks folks...still waiting. Hopefully this morning is the one & only time I will driven down Knightsbridge with blues & 2s going on the wrong side of the road through red lights. Brilliant ambulance driver from Christchurch.

Will let you know if & how the surgery goes

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AyrshireK in reply to Dorset123

Good luck and fingers crossed it does go ahead for you this evening. xx

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X19Dave in reply to Dorset123

Sorry to repeat but I Hope it all goes well for you I saw a huge improvement in my wifes looks a day after the operation she looked at least 10 years younger

X19Dave... good grief, your wife is stoic, keep on feeding her what you are, (love and care and nurture) it seems to be doing the trick, love to you both, with best wishes that one day soon the clouds will lift and sunshine will pour down on you both. The roller coaster ride of transplantation !! but hole in the heart too? poor you all.

Very many thanks it is people like yourself who have pulled me through this

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