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Quick question post transplant

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Just a quick question . I had my transplant 5 weeks ago. All going well. However last couple of weeks I keep getting hot flushes one minute I'm really hot next I'm cold. I wondered if this was a side effect of the drugs I'm on or my age . I'm 52. I have been very unwell prior to transplant and woundered if now my body's recovering my hormones are kicking in. Thanks for any advice.

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Added a photo didn't realise it would be so big lol

Hi gaynor firstly looking well. I too was hot and cold at first part and parcel of a working liver as it is like our inbuilt thermostat and obviously pre transplant if you was anything like me I was freezing all the time. But do mention it to your consultant at next appointment just to be on safe side as I did end up with cmv but I had other symptoms as well xx yours does just sound like liver settling though but obviously I not qualified xxx

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h0b0 in reply to jojokarak

Same as the last response. Mention at your next appointment. Have to say you look very well. xx

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Gaynorlowson in reply to h0b0

Thanks x

Hello, you look great after 5 weeks. Let me tell you, I was still in hospital after 5 weeks of my transplant. Your body has gone through such a huge surgery. You will go through a lot of changes and you may have some side effects which will take time to clear. I was the same with the temperature. Some days I'd be hot and some days I'd be cold. Give your body time to adjust and when you do go to clinic, mention it to your consultant for peace of mind.

Good luck. You look so great!

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Gaynorlowson in reply to Jahida

AThanks xx

Guess it could be anything but see GP if in doubt

I had the same thing for a few months after my first TX.

My consultant said it's normal in woman, especially those of us that are around the menopause age. It must affect our hormones.

My bed would be drenched! But it stopped after a couple of months.

Tempeture is often really effected with liver despise..but after a hot. Flash you would feel freezing..big fast change in the body. Plus your body will try and cool itself down when you've had a big spike in your body temp.



Thanks Kimberly for ur reply. I am also drenched at night nice to know it should get better x

I must say, you may not feel it but you look.amazing. Although it is a massively over used word these days, I'm sure you've had a long and challenging journey to get to where you are now. I wish you well with your recovery and health.

I've not had a chance to read your story, but I hope this is the start of a fresh chapter for you, and your health settles down a little. We women get all the luck don't we with hot flushes and so on! It could be just age related but as your transplant was so recent it is definitely worth just speaking to your gp, if their competent or if their not to your specialist doctor or nurse for advice. It is always better to check. Even the small things following a transplant. Your Doctors would never feel your a bother. If you do ring your Gp's and feel they don't give an immediate response, explain your post transplant too so their realise the urgency of not giving you the brush off! I know that may sound obvious but with some of our doctors receptionist 's they think it's their duty to be a gate way to stopping people seeing gp's for weeks at a time. I've learnt which which receptionist to speak to if I need help now and which to avoid!

Also although people may have been through the same thing as you, they don't know your medical history, we all do the same thing and come on here for advice whether to give it or recieve, but every body is different and particularly where you are talking about post transplant.

Sorry to sound like a moaning minn, but just a general word of caution, Nobody really knows anyone's background on here, other than if they are from the liver trust, so people can say anything they want about who or what they are, and even if they are qualified to give an opinion, realistically they don't know someone's history or their obs, or their general feeling you pick up when you examine or tAlk to a patient to see how they are feeling and then make a call on how to proceed . Sorry to sound really long winded but I've seen too many times on other sites people giving bad medical advice.

Fortunately there are usually enough people around to counteract it, but I just worry hearing people ask for advice here when consequences potentially can be more severe if someone however well meaning gives bad advice.

Any concerns at all, don't wait for your next appointment, if your feeling at all unwell or concerned about any of your symptoms. Have a chat with your doctor, as your immune system is low so if you have any kind of infection brewing, the sooner it is nipped in the bud the better. Even if it is just to put your mind at rest. Although as everyone agree s you look ing fab In your photo and a lot younger than your age lol so I'm sure you have nothing to worry about!

My son was diagnosed with liver disease at 16, he's 22 now and has finally been transferred to the team at QE at Birmingham because of bleeding varices and so on, but he's not ill enough yet to go on the transplant list but he's not going to really start to feel better or have a normal life unless he has a transplant , like many people.

Reality is, there just aren't organs to go around currently. Hopefully law changes will help a little.

Take care, sending you all my love and hugs and I'm really sorry if I come across sounding a bit preachy today! Its been one of those days!!!

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