Hello, this is my first post on this site. I am so worried. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease in January due to slightly elevated ast and alt levels. I had blood work done the end of June and the levels were even higher ast 83 and alt 139. Was seeing doctor because of pain and fullness under ribs on right side. Was sent to GI and did more blood work everything normal except Actin smooth muscle was positive at 26. I have liver biopsy nest week. (Very nervous). I do not drink but am obese. I read one article on the internet that said people with high f-actin had worse prognosis. I need to know if this is true and what to expect in the future. Thanks

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  • I was diagnosed the same ,I am now 12st 8lb ,I kept to a stricted diet and exercize ,for 2 months ,my blood was over 2000 when I first went to the doctors I was a drinker ,and the doctor said I will need a transplant ,I kept to the diet took milk thistle and dandelion tincha ,turmeric garlic lots of water and exercised also stopped drinking ,i went for a 5 mile walk every day some times twice a day ,lots of fruit and veg ,went to the doctors Friday ,and my blood was 43 ,i couldn't beleave it ,i was over the moon ,and the doctor was as well ,im still waiting for a scan ,but what i say is the truth,and i keep thinking that the blood has been mixed up with someone else .so if you don't want your liver to get worse or even die ,you have to stick by the rules ,i looked most the things up on liver cirrhosis and took action street away ,cirrhosis is fatty liver can turn into cirrhosis , so you need to try to do the same as me if you want to recover ,i chat with a few people on health unlocked , the is no magic pill for liver desease just you and a proper diet and exersize ,that a fact .good luck ,and hope all goes well mike

  • ps look on the net under nhs liver disease

  • text me if you want to know more mike

  • Thanks for the info. I have been researching on the net.

  • i was diagnosed with cirrhosis 2months ago similar as fatty liver ,fatty liver can progress to cirrhosis my blood was 2000 ,and the doctor said i will need a transplant ,he said cut down the drink,i stopped the same day,looked up everything to do with liver disease ,on the net,i took milkthistle dandelion tincha ,ate salads garlic ,turmeric lots of,and went on a 4 mile walk every day ,lots of fruit and lots of water.i thought my life was over ,because theres a massive wait for liver transplants .i kept this up for 9 week went for a blood test a week ago ,and then to the doctors for the results .he said your liver is working quite good ,and my blood was 43 i could belive it and the doctor said the same ,we was both smiling ,i said i thought i was going to die and the doctor sai so did i haaa ,that is the truth ,he wrote dow all the thigs i done and ate ,i am so relived .all i can say is try it your self ,you can live with a diseased liver even if its damaged ,as long as you eat the right things and exesize every day ,and i have read up for hours on the net ,and they all say the same .well good luck ,and best wishes mike

  • pype ,the only way to not let you liver get worse is diet and exercise, ive had it from 8 weeks ago ,went to the doctors I was over 2000 on my blood ,I gave up drinking looked on the net ,and done most thing they tell you ,I have milkthistle turmeric ,garlic vitamin b c d ,iron and vit c,every morning and afternoon ,drink lots of water ,and I go on a 4 5 mike walk every day exercise is a important as diet is ,if you want to live and not let your liver get worse that's what you have to do,i had my last blood test and it was 43 from 2000 ,I was over the moon and the doctor was real happy to no lie ,so have a look on the net ,there is lots of info ,of I can give you the info fo free ,some sites they charge ,but its worth it if you want to live a normal life mike

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