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Hi Everyone. Finally got a decision . We have been awarded ( or as the letter states "I've looked into your claim & decided to award you) Pip. How b****y condescending is that.? I am however going to appeal. We have been awarded the standard payment . It's not the money that I'm questioning but the points. Terry has been assessed as being able to manage his meds, finances & travel distances alone. I don't understand how the assessor came up with this. We stated on assessment that I took care of all of this. I remember specifically her asking about reading. Terry said " at least I can see now I've got new glasses." Her interpretation is that he can read, understand & act on any legal documents. Contacted CAB & have an appointment to go through the appeal process. WATCH THIS SPACE . I personally have had enough of this "B******T"!!!

Feeling calmer now it's off my chest. He's just back from 48 hours in hospital for a drain & looking better. Have to sign off now as he wants FOOD. Did I not say...he's eating exceptionally well at the moment.xx

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  • It could be that the establishment you are working with has a set criteria for allotments. There may be people that are far more in need so they assessed your needs and he still seems safe enough he does not need not yet anyway more assistance. There are so many patients with liver disease, Hep C is the epedemic now and the funds for our needs grow tighter. A lighter attitude may induce more peace into your life. Good luck.

  • I only wish I could have "A Lighter Attitude". Please, if you have any advice then share it with me. How can anyone be more in need than he is. He's waiting for & needing a liver transplant. We have both been hardworking all our lives & this is the first time we have asked for anything in return. As l also said it's not just about the money but the mistakes made by the assessor.

  • Chin up, h0b0. They have done exactly that to me. I'm going to hang on until my review in Feb. Personally, I just cant do with more stress from it along with everything else.

    I hope all goes well for you andTerry x

  • That's what the lady from CAB said. Apparantly DWP don't expect anyone to question their findings as it's just more stress. Well, I'm a fighter & always have been. Good luck in your review too.xx

  • yes, you have to fight - don't give up. we are in a similar state health-wise, waiting for my husband's PIP decision, expecting to be 'awarded' nil points and determined to appeal. he worked as a CAB advisor so knows how many with huge and complex health issues get turned down. we must support each other against this cruel system. best of luck xx

  • Good on you hobo, fight for what you are entitled. As catfish jumping is in the US, she won't be familiar with the way our government have shafted the disabled and long term sick in this country. Hobo is not referring to a friendly, benevolent organisation, but a company contracted by the government to make it as complicated and painful as possible for those who rightly need and deserve access to funds we as a country have contributed towards though paying national insurance.

    I'm glad he got the award, but you are right to appeal if they have the facts wrong. However its so not right when you are looking after such an I'll person to have to deal with all this as well.

    Wishing you good luck with it all.


  • You are not here either and if you have a look you will find out all of us suffer with the exact same issues as you do. You have no idea how it is I came to accept how busy these people and doctors are. But thanks for your honesty.

  • Agreed, catfish..just try and get SSI disability after working your whole life, paying taxes, the hoops they make you jump through is sickening..all the paperwork, and what you have to get from your GP and specialist, etc. it is insane.

    Oh, and it's standard to say No to a patient first. They do this because people are too sick to try and go through it alllll again with an appeal.

    My sister, who is blind, worked for them, and finally quit because their practices sickened her.

    I think folks in the UK forget that US healthcare is not a right..it's a privilege for the wealthy. Insurance companies and Big pharma have been killing folks for years. I think it's like 20% of Americans who declare bankruptcy do it because of healthcare.

    I was at clinic this past week, and a man was telling me he was in Florida on holiday. He got sick and had to go into hospital. He was there like a week or so, and when he got home they accidentally sent a copy of bill to him instead of insurance company. It was 100K. This happens everyday in the states. Around the clock.

    The NHS is a gift from God.

    Sorry, did not mean to rant, Lolol, no offense intended to anyone, but I just wanted folks to know it's bad there too. It's worse.


  • Yes I know; we are very lucky to have the NHS, despite it failings; but the DWP/ ESA/PIP people are diabolical in their attitude to very sick people. I feel sorry for people in USA though; horrific, it must be. Are you in USA then? Dckimberly?

  • No, I moved to the UK a few years ago. My partner is here, and we decided here would be better because he is getting closer to retirement and has been with the same company for many years. I had already sold my business, so, it was easier! :)

  • Hi, I'm affraid you have misunderstood the tone of my post to hobo, citing your post. I was intending to make it clear that being in the US you would not be familiar with what hobo was referring too. In your post to hobo you seemed to be under the impression she was dealing with an agency which had limited resources and dealt with people in a fair and just way to ensure those in need got help. Also that it was just for liver disease. You are not expected to understand posts related to our government benefit system, so I was just clarifying we were referring to a highly criticised organisation here in the UK. I was in no way making any suggestion that the US system is easy, or that you have it better- in fact I don't even know why that was even brought up in this thread. I only mentioned you are in the US ( in case hobo didn't know), as I said you aren't expected to know the way benefits are allocated in this country. I am fully aware of how hideous the situation is in America, that is why we are so protective of our NHS, the alternative is too awful to imagine - only the rich and those lucky enough to have good insurance get care. However this post had nothing to do with health care, we are talking about welfare from a government budget we have paid into via national insurance. As hobo says, she should be entitled to careers allowance, and probably other financial support, but this government are deliberately making it difficult for sick people to access.

    I hope this post explains more clearly what I was attempting to convey in my original post. It is not my way to be antagonistic or passive aggressive, if I had wanted to take issue with something someone says I would be up front about it. However in this case there was no issue, just attempts at clarity!?

    Best wishes


  • Really generous of you to explain all of this. No need to get into explaining how hard people here also have it from the government. The world is basically in deep trouble with many humans living without the money they need for food, health, shelter. I am thankful for every second of my life and not one to grumble about this disease and the profession. Thats just a loss of energy and joy. I had hep c 42 years, the last treatment i ened up with liver cancer, that was two years ago. At age 64, 65 soon I still cycle on the island 40 mile treks. I am fighting to live. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have almost died due to lack of medical attention, things over looked. This is not a perfect world, there is always someone suffering more if we look around. I honestly believe grumbling about life steals what joy is left. There are people alone on here struggling. My mind as been on Anette for days and her being alone with her frightening ascites. I cannot imagine being as strong as some of you are here, thats why I am here. I need your strength and your wisdom. Thank you.

  • Yes, I am also very worried about Annette, and anyone who is alone and fighting this illness. I am aware of your story as I have seen your posts, you certainly are very brave and determined. I admire your streghth and determination. I have much respect for those who can make themselves get on with life despite their difficulties, its much easier to wallow on self pity!! I'm affraid I am guilty of that sometimes, I should follow your example and get out on my bike!? Although I'm sure your lovely weather and beaches make that more appealing than it is here?! I think I'm safe comparing our rubbish weather with your sunny days. Ha ha.

    Best wishes to you. Keep up your positive ways.


  • Hello, you are right about the weather but ya know that bear of depression we all fight 24/7. Whoa what a mountain to climb then I get on my bike. Its a relief compared to the depression. I wish you so very much luck. Aloha

  • Thanks for your support. Does catfish also know that since having to care for Terry since Feb I haven't been able to claim a penny in carers allowance ? How much am I saving them on professional care ? xx

  • I am sorry for your struggles. I hope life eases up on you. Take care. Best wishes.

  • Thanks & good luck to you. xx

  • Now you have the award claim careers allowance and it will be back dated to the date of the pip award. You can also claim income support.

    Hopefully you already have free prescriptions, dental treatment etc. Then you can claim reduction in council tax too.

  • Don't get free prescriptions or dental care as for some reason we get contribution based esa not income related. We are however getting a pretty good reduction in council tax.xx

  • Should be able to get low income free prescription. Pip gives you severe disability premium and that should have a knock on effect of other benefits too.

    Glad the finances working out now it has been another long process for you.

  • You shud definately get free prescriptions. Id suggest you ignore what it says on the prescription; you are entitled to free medication. Full stop.

  • Or try to get an exemption certificate; please look into this further; as no way on earth shud you have tp pay the full price and im almost certain you should be paying nothing.

  • Look towards bottom of this page/ re advice


  • First step is mandatory reconsideration. Provide a diary of Terry's daily life and his difficulties. The way he walks. The pain, the confusion.

    Either letters from you or friends medical people to confirm this. Look at the reports you have already sent. Thinking about the assessment. How it was conducted.

    Ask for a copy of the medical professional from atos from the Dwp before you ask for mandatory reconsideration . Look at the report with the cab adviser. Then you need to look at the points given and compare with the points they awarded and what you think should be awarded. You will then need to comment on the discrepancies.

    What was Terry like after the assessment how long did it take to recover. How soon was he back in hospital. What vcould he not do. Remember they are supposed to look at how he is over the day and month. Just because he could do a few sums one day when he is confused due to fever he cannot or is too tired. Your adviser then hopefully has enough time to write out a support letter for you.

    Well done though with getting a positive award. Also you need to keep them informed of days in hospital. Keep calm it is along process.

  • Cheers. As calm as can be but won't be ripped off .xx

  • Yay for eating after his drain! That's a good sigh, being hungry when you have ascites. That's the only time I really have an appetite..when I've just been drained.

    So sorry about the Pips.

    Thinking a good thought for you!


  • Very supportive as always.xx

  • B......s they are; though at least he has some of the award; so many people who really need it and are entitled get nothing at all; appeal and go through the process re what it is you want; Im sure whatever the system in the USA is, is far worse than ours! But ours is still crap; and the DWP etc are nasty and do things deliberately to make you fail; one slight wrong sentence they will use it to their advantage and twist what you have actually said; they basically hope that people will die too before they get any chance of a bloody award. And many do I am sure. Good luck x

  • Thanks.......I totally agree.xx

  • Hi. My partner too was successful for pip however only standard on both. 8 points for care and 10 for mobility. He has been housebound since Dec yet they say he can plan and follow a journey alone. He only goes to hospital or Drs and I always take him. We had exactly the same on meds and finance. Also said doesn't look nutritionally bad! He has lost 4 stone since Dec and looks anorexic. I'm unsure whether to fight it as I know we could lose what we have. Mark has cirrosis and suffers with ascites 3 drains and last one was 27litres. Does seem to have slowed down a bit. Just had emergency op for a double hernia which was strangulating his bowel. Consultant appt next week re refer to transplant. Please let me know what cab say about pip . I completed the original forms so I'm pleased we did get an award. Good luck

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