It's been a long time since I've been on the forum but I thought I should share some more positive news. I was corncerned that I had cirrhosis that had been brought on by drinking a bit too much over a few years and I had a history of elevated enzymes. Well the gp diagnosed me with health anxiety as I'm not diabetic yet (despite a few high blood sugar results) and thought I was just nuts and perfectly healthy. Well 3 months after giving up drinking I had a blood test and nothing was elevated at all and she wouldn't refer me for a scan and sent me home on citalopram for anxiety . Quite by chance one week later I had a medical and my alt and ggt were 5x normal and ast 3x. My ast returned to normal but two months on from this my alt is still 25% over normal. I was referred to a consultant I had a scan which showed no scarring and a normal looking liver. He doesn't want to send me for a fibroscan as he thinks I have a sensitive liver and am prone to reacting to any fat on my liver or viruses and the treatment would be the same for nafld anyway. He has told me to lose weight which will be hard as I'm down to 1/2 stone over ideal weight. He says it is not my fault I'm probably genetically prone and he's not worried about me in the next ten years but I need to try to get the inflammation down and keep the fat off and don't drink much if at all. I've been lucky to find this out now. I've started running 3x a week and cross train 2x a week. I'll never drink again and I'm not find that too hard as it's been nearly 6 months and I've not really had any huge urge to drink. I hope I can get this under control and extend my life to watch my kids grow up. I've been given a chance to try to do something and I'm taking it. If any one has any advice on diet and supplements that have worked for them I'd be very grateful to receive it.

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  • Good on you

  • Wow - great share - and congratulations for biting the bullet and pushing the GP. You have indeed been given a second chance. Having seen first hand what drinking has done to my other half (who still continues to drink) and the decline in his health because of it, it is heartening to hear you have given up the demon drink (I don't have any health problems because of it but I am trying to given it up nevertheless, but I do acknowledge it is hard, even when you are not addicted to it due to social pressures) and are making some positive changes to improve your health. Well done you - I hope it goes well for you in the future.

    In terms of diet/supplements etc you should get everything you need from your diet without expensive supplements, but maybe the GP could refer you to a nutritionist for advice? Just a thought. Good luck!

  • Unfortunately, it's not just drink so I have to be very careful with diet and exercise as it seems to be non alcoholic fatty liver too. No fatty meals, watch the carbs some pretty enormous lifestyle changes but better that than regretting not making the changes. I'm designated driver for life now and I'm focusing on how good it is not to have hangovers :-)

  • Great news, all the very best in reducing the inflammation further!

  • your'e making all the right moves

  • It's the processed crap what does a lot of damage and jar sauces and tinned soups. What I tend to do is bulk cook and I will make homemade sauce, soups and meals, chicken casserole, bolognse, lasagne, stews, fish pies etc I do my own treats as well then I control amount of sugar what goes in. As most things can be frozen it can free a lot of time up I do things on hob, oven and slow cooker best invention ever a slow cooker can leave on even when out at work /socialising. Anyway great news as well over the moon for you 😊

  • Yeah I think the takeaways and ready meals have been doing as much damage as the drink. I'm trying to cook more and during the day stick to salad and chicken or tuna. Thanks jojo I'll look into the slow cooker.

  • Hi Glen,

    Thanks for sharing your positive post. Well done for taking steps to improve your health.

    It may be a good idea to see your GP and discuss getting referred to a hospital registered dietician for specific diet advice and guidance?

    Good luck,

    Best wishes,


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