Light at the end of the tunnel

Hi Everyone,

Just want to give hope to people on here that are a bit down & unsure . A quick recap on our story. Terry was diagnosed with Cirrhosis June 2015 & from Feb 2016 was extremely ill & in hospital more than he was home. He was given a transplant July 2016 & has made a great recovery. Now only 7 months later he is playing golf in Portugal !

We don't take anything for granted & know he's not out of the woods but his life is so much better. We can't thank the staff at St James Leeds & the wonderful Donor Family enough for his gift.

I had a little cry when he left for the airport yesterday 'cos he said to me "I never thought i'd be doing this ever again".

There's hope for everyone.

P.S. Loving the few days off from caring as well .Lol. xx

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  • Hi h0b0,

    I am so glad your husband has been able to actually do this and hope he has a wonderful time away. Hope you get to relax a bit while on your own, and recharge your batteries after all your stress and struggles. Wishing you both all the love and luck in the world, and may you have many, many more years of health and happiness to look forward to.

    All the best for a bright happy future.


  • Thank you sooooo much. It's only the people on here that understand the stress & upset that the loved ones also go through. Lots of people ask how Terry is doing but no one ever thinks to ask about me. Anyway, hopefully that's all behind us now.

    Take care.xx

  • What a lovely story to read!! Congratulations to you both xx

  • Thanks Chelle. we both know how very lucky we are. Just wanted to give hope to others.xx

  • aww thats so nice. i nearly had a little cry myself when i read what he said, thanks for sharing this with everyone. its always very hard to see things getting better when we are ill. love grace xoxo

  • Just wanted to get across that there is hope .xx

  • How wonderful for your husband and yourself hope he has a wonderful life xxx

  • Many thanks. Same to you & yours.xx

  • awww ... what a wonderful wonderful post! I am so happy for you both..there truly is hope regardless of how things may look for us. enjoy your rest ..pamper yourself and may you both be blessed for a long healthy life 😊

  • Thank you Millie.xx

  • your very welcome 😊xx


  • Maybe so..Also believe that FATE played it's part.xx

  • What a lovely story it gives hope to other people going through the same thing. Next step is a holiday in the sun for you lol you deserve it xx

  • I'm just happy to be getting back a "sense of normality"!xx

  • I'm very happy for you and hubby. I hope that day will come for me & the mrs right now it seems a long way of, but we will get there.

  • That's exactly how we were feeling. The call can come at any unexpected time & believe me ours did. Surgeon said another couple of weeks would have been too late & we certainly didn't expect to hear that.xx

  • That's a lovely post to read! Enjoy every day ☺

  • Thanks, we do try to. xx

  • Fantastic news. It is so great to get away again i left it a year before i could get away and went to Majorca with my husband. I loved it and went swimming in the sea every day. Something i loved doing and thought i would never do again it was wonderful. Been on loads of holidays since and appreciate the hard work and dedication St James do and the also big thanks to the donor who let this happen.

    Good luck to you both in the future and enjoy every minute. Keep strong stay positive and laugh. Xx

  • Thanks. I must admit the laughing part is very easy at the moment. I did in fact ask if he'd also been given a sense of humour transplant.xx

  • Over the moon for you both, and hobo enjoy your rest and pamper yourself, I know my husband been loving it lol 😁 x

  • I am ta. xx

  • Lovely story, so glad it is working out well for you xoxo

  • Thanks so much. xx

  • You & Terry are the inspiration for me & my lovely wife. Great it is going so well for you.

    I am 3 months post op & although the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter it still feels a fair way off.

    My wife is exhausted & you are right, everyone asks how I am doing & she has to keep struggling with me ( I still not allowed to do almost anything..)& other family commitments.

    But we just booked 3 days at Centerparks in April with kids & grandkids. I may even get the putter out when the weather improves...

    Plan for future..make the most of each day & spoil my wife!!

    Soppy but true!

  • Not at all soppy. Just hope she's not spoiling YOU too much. I think I found it difficult to let Terry do things for himself as I was so used to him being unable to before the op. It was hard to let go but I soon realised that he was much better & I had to get rid of the cotton wool that I had wrapped him in ! We just took it one day at a time & are very lucky that he's recovering so well. Enjoy your break with your family & make sure you spoil your wife rotten ! xx

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