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Cirrhosis,child Pugh score A

hi Anthony here,I'm 49 years old,have liver cirrhosis with a child Pugh score A,,3,grade a varices,abstinent for 1 year 6months,with help from a/a,,told by doctors if I didn't stop drinking I would be dead with in 2 years.,have had 14 detox,s,,done nearly every form of support,2 rehab,4 day program's,cbt,the list is endless,just couldn't stay stopped,since been diagnosed 1y,10m,s,cirrhosis is staying compensated,I am expecting other things to start going wrong with health,just found out I nom need to have a stent fitted,but complications due to varices,oh well,just another thing life throw's at you,has any one with the same score,gone through the stages and what if anything I should prepare myself for,many thanks Anthony.

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If you are child Pugh score A i would say that is fairly positive; Provided you continue not to drink; it would be my understanding that you should have a reasonable life span and that things should hopefully not worsen and that there may even be some improvement. Staying off the drink is essential though and well done for that. Also stick to a no or very low, salt diet/ eat healthy things for your liver. Other people will know more about the varicies; but the liver being compensated is at least good.


thank you Susieanna for your reply ,your correct in what you say,most days I'm very positive about the future,I'm very grateful it was diagnosed early and for are wonderful NHS.I count myself lucky in that respect and accept this is the consequence of my lifestyle,hope your okay,thanks again,have a nice weekend

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Stay off the booze and your chances are good, if you don't...they're not. Well done so far...try and stick to healthy diet low salt and sugar and a normal weight IG possible

Don't worry about future health issues...what's done is done but from here on in onwards and upwards


thanks for your reply, aim to stay life long abstinence,on low salt diet,battle with sugar craving,have cross addicted to Kellys,Cornish icecream with honeycomb,ha,safer than cross addiction to cocaine,which I have done before,on non smoking patches at moment,still smoking that morning cigarette,but progress not perfection,will have to address tummy soon,hope your okay and thanks again.

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Hi there! We have similar stories. I was in well, a lot of treatment centers and detox. Etc over the pat 30 years. Sometimes 2 in a year.

I was also told I would die, and that they thought I could not get sober. I am blessed and grateful to say thT I did get sober. A day at a time I am coming up on 8 years. I also am a member of the coolest club in town! Lol

I was ok, and did not get sick until I had 3.5 years sober. It was a Huge shock. It was too late for any treatment as I had ascites, and with my test scores at the time, they told me I had a decompensated liver.

I got a liver transplant last year.

The NHS has been very good to me, and I am ever grateful.

I also had Hep C. Which complicate things. But I got the new 12 week treatment and it cleRed the disease from my body.

Stay sober! Go to your meetings, I go to my sponsor when I am stressed about my illness. I even did another 4th step on just that to help me get through whatever was coming next.

Go to all your docs appointments.

Ask questions. And do try and stay off the internet. There are a lot of things out there thT talk about liver disease. Some of them offer remedies NOT good for you, or your liver. Stay away from salt. Eat a healthy diet. Drink water.

The above things are what I did, as recommended by my specialists.

This is the perfect site, I have found, for support and the right information.

Most people here are wonderful!

Good luck, and cheering you on, one day at a time!




thanks for your reply Kimberley,we did and do have similar journey's,,it's a lovely site,I don't tend to share to much in the fellowship about my health,say it when doing chairs about death sentence and cirrhosis,talk about it to one close mate,people seem unnerved when I do bring it up ,so it's nice to hear from people going or gone through similar stuff,will take your advice about internet,I'll leave it to the specialists at st Marys Paddington,congratulations on 8 years,I never thought I would get 18 months,with my track record,have only met 1 person in the rooms with cirrhosis,thanks again,never know are paths might x one day,gb, tony.xx

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I have to tell you, 18 months is a miracle, especially if you are a frequent flier, like we are.

I never thought I'd be sober again. It sometimes is the one thing that keeps me going..especially when I was so ill last year.

Oh,and I completely agree with you, about how it can unnerve folks. I don't talk about it a lot in meetings either. But sometimes I will at newcomers meetings. I think it's because we get told that thing over and over, that " The liver will rejuvenate itself". And it does! But I think educating members to, letting them know that some of us just did not quit in time, and it's important to stay healthy is a good thing. I like to joke and say I kept drinking past my sell by date! Lol. Bu t it certainly is one of those consequences, and shows how bad unmanageability can be in step one. That's what my sponsor says.

It's a miracle to live the way we lived and come out unscathed.

I hope we can meet someday too..maybe at a meeting! ;)

Feel free to message me if you ever need to chat.

Take care and be blessed!




hi Kimberley,thanks for your reply,very true were all miracle,s love that chapter in bbb,think its a vision for you,the age of miracle,s are still with us our own recovery proves this,(something like that).have never really Brought up my cirrhosis with my sponsor,he is on usa for 10 weeks,recently retired,don't feel the need to at moment,but maybe there is somethings that might need to be discussed if liver becomes decompensated,in the middle of the bed regarding a/a ,3 service commitments,telephone service,,recently took on secretary role,god was I suffering from scfear the first meeting,yesterday was alot better,have got really stagnant on step 9,the willingness isn't there,or maybe just been lazy and tight,how is your new liver?must be amazing and be given such a gift,all the best and thanks again,might use your past its sell by date.ha,I'm using an old one my rock bottom had a trap door,regarding the cirrhosis,by for now,all the best Tony,xx


You're right that this a lovely site, Anthony - I'm sober again after yet another recent relapse (6 weeks booze free now - one day at a time!), and reading everyone's posts here is helping me to stay that way.

I first posted here when I was going through a hellish cold turkey withdrawal, and everyone was so kind. It's a safe place to talk, and get sound advice, or even just to vent. You'll never be judged.

Do keep posting - anything to keep you sober - and like Kimberly I'm cheering you on. You can do this! :)

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hi sugar rush,a massive well done on your 6weeks,early recovery is very hard,so try physically patting your self on the back before you hit the pillow each night,because you deserve it and your worth it,this site is like our own personal space,also when I'm tapping away im thinking about you and not in self,if that makes sense,,what helped me in early weeks was service and still is,and when you replied thatis service also,from a caring compassionate side,stick with it ,the rewards will be amazing,them weeks ,turn to months,then years one day at a time thanks again sugar rush,also cheering you on.all the best Tony.x

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Thanks Tony, it does make sense - I think the support we can all offer each other here is really valuable for recovery and beyond (I sound like an alcoholic Buzz Lightyear!).

You're doing really well - I bet 18 hours would've been too long without a drink at one time, let alone 18 months!

We're all here for you :)

Alexa x

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18 hours,that would have been in the too difficult tray with out medication,having seizures from alcohol withdrawal syndrome in the end,withdrawing whilst still drinking wasn't a nice Place to be,some people can,think people who binge drink might be able to,but I was a morning drinker.i think when you have a seizure hospitalized detox,s are safer,liked your buzz light year line,lol,the best form of therapy is laughter and smiling,so keep doing for you also,all the best tony😁😊


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