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Cirrhosis my first post

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Hi all, I have been reading for a while and need some help.

61 year old male

I was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis in March 17 and immediately ceased all alcohol but used to drink a litre of wine daily

Dr says child A meld 6 from bloods and ultrasound.

It was spotted after routine blood tests for high BP.

I paid for a fibroscan that was score 24 but I now realise they may have used the wrong probe (I am obese) so that might not be accurate.

Endoscopy showed varices and they are recorded as "barely noticeable.

I have no obvious symptoms of cirrhosis and never have had any.

Tired a lot though but I am putting that mainly down to depression from the worry.

Exam to be repeated 6 monthly.

Ok my question

How sick am I!

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Some liver pain that reduced since giving up drinking

This is not really a question that can be answered. Every patient will react differently to the different levels of damage.

Initially my husband was classed as not too ill. Was denied transplant list in July but by August his two consultants had to apply again and he was accepted. Things can change either slowly or quickly.

Tiredness is a result of cirrhosis.

Good Luck

Child Pugh A and Meld Score of 6 puts you at the lower end of cirrhotic damage which is good news and with continued abstinence and possibly a tackling of your obesity issues you could see some improvement in your liver health.

If you've not read it already a good source of advice is the British Liver Trust page on cirrhosis plus they have many other valuable resources on Living with Liver Disease and Diet for liver conditions.

Have a look and see if there are lifestyle changes you can make to improve your overall and your liver health.

All the best to you.

Katie :)

How can you say you gave up alcohol..and still drink a bottle of wine a day!!???

If you are obese..the problem will be exercise and not eating the correct diet..and stop drinking!

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ealine in reply to ladypoppy49

he said he used to ... not that je does now.... read carefully before you throw out the !!!!!!

Hello! Giving up the booze is the best help for you liver! Just doing that will help. Personally I had no intention of giving up my social life so, the wine bar just got used to me drinking tonic water...much cheaper and still enjoyed!

I also ate a very good diet, drank lots and lots of water, used supplements which my consultant approved of, walked the dog, slept when tired..etc etc..

Wishing you well.

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis- however stopping the wine should help with weight loss and that will help longer term . Maybe make it a mission to get to as normal a weight as possible to take your mind of things. Good luck

Keep off the drink, and cut way back on salt and sodium, it's bad for the liver. Try to get some exercise going. A 6 is very low on the chart. By the time I got diagnosed I was already and 11, and then they were draining my belly. After two years it had worsened so bad I had to have a transplant. Now I'm waiting on another new liver and a kidney.

Be grateful they caught it early. Life style changes really can make a difference in your life and overall well being.

The liver is responsible for over 500 jobs in your body, the dispersal of energy being one of them. Yes, you are most likely a bit depressed, but it's also true that your liver not functioning correctly will make you tired.

Most of us in late stage illness sleep a lot, haveno energy and also have our days and nights mixed up when it comes to sleeping.

You quit drinking and that's great! Find local AA meetings to help with staying stopped, and it also will help you with depression and having a social life with others who have your issues.

Good luck!


Thanks everyone.

Something I don't quite understand is the varices.

Endoscopy noted 2 and stated barely noticeable, fully covered, but scan indicated no portal hypertension. Because of the endoscopy the gastro put me on beta blockers that made me feel totaly out of it! So bad that my GP stopped me from driving. I queried the meds with the gastro and he just said its up to me if i want to stop them. I stopped taking them and felt fine within a few days.

I know this is a medical question but is it dangerous not taking them?

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RHGB in reply to Roy1955

Was it carvedilol? I remember my wife (who puts my eight medications out each night) asking what it was for, because it was the only medication that said on the label, do not stop taking this without consulting your GP. Also, my gastro told me never to stop taking it.

I believe it is given to everyone who has varices as a precaution. However, if your gastro has given the okay to stop taking them, then he should be the person in the know.

If you find beta-blockers tough, run a mile if they ever put you on calcium channel blockers like amlodipine.

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