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I have just been told I have osteopenia, following a fractured wrist last year my consultant sent me for a bone scan, I was surprised to learn that I have now got bone density problems as well. My consultant wrote to my GP instructing him to prescribe Alendronate 70mg once a week and daily Calcium/Vit D supplement. I have heard from other people that Alendronate can rot your jaw bone and also give you stomach pains and am concerned about this and wonder if anyone else is in a similar situation to me. I am also diabetic and was initially prescribed with Metformin, but thankfully managed to control my blood sugars with diet and able to stop the Metformin which was giving me terrible stomach cramps.

Also I have so much pain in all my bones and wondered if this was normal with osteopenia or if it is something we can expect with Cirrhosis.

I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis about 4-5 years ago, also have very low platelets, large spleen, portal hypertension, amongst other things, this just seems to be another tick in the box.

I would welcome any advice any of you may have.

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  • I don't recall all about it but know that at present they are testing metformin to aid with NASH. If you google Metformin and liver disease I think you will find some.

  • Osteopenia is common with cirrhosis, so thats quite normal. Keep taking the Calcichew and Vit D 3. It doesnt warrant Alendronate at this stage, so if it was me I would decline to take them, as you are right they are cruel on the digestive system.

    Are you sure the pain is in your bones, and not general body myalgia that comes with most liver diseases?

  • Thanks for your reply Bolly, you are echoing what I was thinking. No I'm not sure if it isn't myalgia, I just know I hurt most of the time and just get fed up with it, try to pull myself together every day to go to work, but some days it's a real struggle.

  • Really interested on this. I have NASH but they have no idea why. I'm thankfully only at minimal fibrosis at the moment and it has remained the same for about five years. By chance I got to see an endocrinologist as I was always feeling tired and they found I had a vitamin d level of 18. No wonder I was tired working shifts. Is there a common link with Nash and vitamin d deficiency.

  • Hi, Just read your post and I am in a similar situation to you. I have cirhossis, and like you have had two bone scans showing osteopenia. I am on Calcichew D3 Forte chewable tablets and I take morphine for the terrible pain in my joints/bones some days I have difficulty walking without pain relief. As we have cirhossis we have to be careful what pain relief we have and morphine liquid and tabs were my only option. We are so similar in that we were both diagnosed with cirhossis 5 years ago. I too suffer also with low platelets, clotting issues, portal hypertensive gastritis, and on top of that gallstones. The calcium tablets for osteopenia seem to suit me without any unwanted side effects. I did learn that the bone marrow can be damaged with liver disease which may cause pain but Im not sure about that. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone with your symptoms and pain and hope you get the treatment you should be getting with regards to your bone pain.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you so much for your message, it is indeed a great comfort to know I am not alone in what I'm experiencing, and it is so difficult to explain to other people what kind of pain it is, I am just on co-codamol and really trying to keep it to a minimum, but it doesn't really make me pain free. Take care.

  • Hi Kit

    It is nice for me as well to know Im not on my own with my symptoms, thanks for your reply


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