?bilary colic

Hi,. My oh has a diagnosis of cirrhosis , due to alcohol . He has not drank alcohol since diagnosis 2years ago. He is monitored 6monthlynbynthe gastric team , he does not have varices . He was noted to have incidental gall stones on a scan 12 months ago which have remained unsymptonmatic until now . On Saturday he complained of severe upper gastric pin on the right near the ribs , he also vomited dark yellow bile. The pain went on its own after approx 2hrs and he has been pain free since then. However he looks very tired and is quite grey in colour He has an appointment with his GP on Monday,

I guess I'm trying to discover if this is the beginning of anything? Will they leave the gall stones alone or will they say that he needs to have them treated ? Any views /thoughts

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  • When I first had gall stones the pain attacks were sporadic and I would only get them accasionally, by the time I got to the top of the waiting list for removal they were pretty regular and extremely painful. I would get back to the Dr for referral.

  • Hi I do not want to worry you but this happened to my wife she had cirrhosis also had gallstones but we were not told went on holiday to Mexico collapsed on the plane in to hospital in Mexico who were fantastic and she had gallstone lipus (might not be spelt right and might be called something else over here) but it is when a gall stone leaves the gallbladder and get stuck in the bile duct causes poisons to start to be secreted in to the body, from what I can read on the web fatal in 70% of cases this is world wide not UK which would be much lower, I late worked with someone and two of his mate s had it and it killed both of them.

    I know I have now made you worry and I am sorry to do that but just had to let you know what happened to my wife your partner might have something totally different

    But if I was you I would be at A&E N NOW and getting it checked out

    Again sorry

  • yes i would go to hospital as i have a stone in my bile duct and my body was poisoned.they still have not got the gall stone out but i have a stent it. does your husband have a temeture? thats a sign of poisoning also usually the skin is yellow. thats because the bile cant get released as the stone has blocked the bile duct.also has he been sick. and hot and cold.these are all signs of what i had and also the terrible pain, if your in the uk the hospital does not mind you going at all and at first when i had gallstones and was at the hosptal with pain and got pain killers and examined. they told me if the pain gets bad again i was to come straight back as it is dangerous.im getting a big operation next week to remove the stone from the bile duct. my stone is that big that i will need a reconstruction of the bile duct,i also have chronic liver disease and they are not sure if i have cirrossis or not. as i never had a biopsy or any other thing. definitly dont worry about going to the hospital as thats what they are there for,

  • Thanks for the speedy feedback , interesting responses, OH seems to be fine since the vomiting, has been back at work , complaining of tiredness but he always is as he works as a builder so very manual work at the moment. He seems to think that he is feeling fine, so, it looks like he will wait til Monday and discuss this with his GP.

    However, I shall keep a close eye on him and if I see any changes , vomiting, temperature, change in colour, I'll take him straight to a and e ,

    Sounds like he will need to have the stones treated from your experience s

    Again many thanks

  • Two things,

    If it is gallstones causing the problem he should speak to his specialists secretary-in have found this the quickest way to get a reply as she/he will put the message on top of the pile of notes/files 😉

    Also if he gets the pain before seeing a specialist you do have the option of A&E which sometimes moves you forward if they scan you there and then.

    Oh and also (this one snuck in under the radar) if he is in pain like that again, sit on the bed or chair with feet flat on the floor and lean forward with his elbows on his knees - this reduces the pressure and the pain until the 'spasm' has passed.

    I hope you get a true resolution soon


  • Hi, before I was diagnosed with PBC, I had 2 episodes of gall stone pancreatitis. Its the most painful experience I've ever had, this was weeks after I had had a 29 hour labour having my first child ( ending in caesarean.). This happened because I had a lot of gritty stones, as well as formed ones, so the grit goes through the bile duct into the pancreas, causing infection. I had two admissions to Hosp ( on my third visit to a&e with the same symptoms, being sent home with wrong diagnosis of gastritis. Finally a Dr did bloods and immediately started to panic, as it confirmed how ill I was), first time nil by mouth for 5 days. Anyway the point of my post is to say, get checked out asap, don't leave it to develop into something nastier. Also in the meantime you have to have a zero fat diet. Extremely low fat at the least. So nothing more than 3g per 100 fat. I was even nervous to eat a boiled egg, anything containing fat set of the hideous pain. I had fat free milk, yog etc no butter, no oil, no cheese. It was pretty miserable and I lost a lot of weight, fortunately for me being that unwell meant that I didn't wait long for the gallbladder to be removed. I do have long term damage to my pancreas, so if it had been caught sooner then I might not be in this situation. I also feel it was that which triggered the PBC??

    I hope you get sorted, and don't suffer further pain.

    Best wishes


  • I had that extreme pain and writhed around in bed twice ..the 1st time i just thought it was food poisoning as I didn,t even know I had hep C then which has caused stage 4 cirrhosis and stage 2 varices, The second time ,it was so bad my kids ended up calling an ambulance .It was a blocked bile duct .They did blood and ultrasound and I had my gall bladder taken out the next day . I would get it checked because I nearly died that second time ..

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