I'm scared :(

Today my GP told me I have an echo free hepatic cyst. My lft and other tests are fine. But I'm really frightened. Doc says he will get me scanned in 3 mths to see if cyst has got bigger. I remembered having an abdo scan 3 yrs ago they told me then I have a cyst on my liver then. I had scan because I thought I had gall stones from abdo pain but I don't. Are these cysts ok and ok to be left alone? Thanks

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  • Hi worrywoman, I've just had the same thing found; thought I'd got gallstones or a polyp on the gall bladder. Turned out I had a growth on the liver. These need to be observed and monitored regularly in case of changes so I now have NMR scans on a regular basis. They can turn nasty but my consultant assures me that they usually just sit there and don't cause too many problems. The worry is that the growth may turn cancerous. Regular monitoring should pick this up. Try not to worry too much and enjoy your life and good luck

  • I don't want to sit and wait till it maybe turns cancerous. I want it off my liver now. I will never forget it and get on with my life. I will constantly worry its in there and dangerous. Did you have some abdo pain ? Was this why they scanned you for GB Problems in first place ?

    Mine was. My stomach is never right. I've been itch too lately. I'm having some more bloods done too. Liver function tests and bone ones as I've had achy joints too.

  • They rarely if ever perform surgery on the liver surface. The liver is an astonishingly resilient organ and can operate when massively damaged from scarring (cirrhosis) for many years. In my case, over 20 years. It may be of help to mention your full concerns to your doctor as you might benefit from some advice on how to live with a chronic illness.

    I have regular scans, were ultrasound but now NMR, since I was found to have Hep C virus in 1996. They cured the virus but the damage is done and the scarring can only get worse. I just change my lifestyle to slow the degeneration down. I'm doing well except for some portal hypertension giving me some varices which will require me having a shunt across the liver sometime this year. I don't get abdo pain just bloated an tired. I can live with it :) Try not to worry too much, change your life to not include known liver poisons such as alcohol and use your doc.

  • Thanks. It's just I'm over worrying abt this cyst. Mainly because I've not felt well for a long time so now I'm thinking its to do with my liver not working properly:(

  • ben bir bitki buldum . hepatit

    i iyi ederek karın şişmesini önleyip normal yaşama dönebiliyorum.

  • aynı bitki aids mükemmel hale getirerek negatif sonuç alıyorsunuz.

  • I'm very sorry, I don't understand a word you've written! Please pardon my ignorance

  • I have a cyst on my liver , I get regular scans and the cyst has not grown , so it's safer to leave it alone , don't worry too much, get your doc to explain everything to you. If there's anything on your mind that Your unsure or worried about, take a note of it and ask at your next appointment Ask him everything , don't leave your doctor being worried . X

  • I too have a cyst on my liver, will find out tomorrow what kind.. parasite egg or whatever, feeling very bloated with a bit of pain. To all who have really bad liver probs, follow Kris Carr online, she's had liver cancer for 10 years and is more healthy now than when she found out. Could help. So who'se had the cyst removed and what should I expect? I read a cyst can burst and you die from anaphylactic (sp) shock?

  • ok today I got my blood results. Everything was normal except my bilirubin result was just out of range. It was 23 umol/L it was just over the high range. So I called my Doctor surgery and the receptionist said the Doctor had read them and said there was no action to be taken. So I am guessing it's ok.

  • I have several aparently due to pbc docs are not at all concerned indeed it's me whose demanding a yearly scan.feel pretty good except odd bloating and leg pain.good luck

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