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Hi to all!

My partner takes omeprazole,but sometimes he still gets acid taste in his mouth,followed by some typical heartburn pain.Is anybody with cirrhosis here tried over the counter meds like rennie? I thought about gaviscon as well,but there is a warning on its drug sheet not to take it if you had stomach bleeding.He did have varices and two episodes of bleeding in the past.

Thank you in advance,all you kind people!

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  • I swear by Remegel it works instantly and tastes good BUT you must never take Omeprazole within two hours of Remegel and vice versa.

  • Thank you very much,Tanechka:))

  • Before I use to take over the counter drugs for acid reflux and then was put on two different prescription drugs.  I can't remember the first one but it was useless the second one is pantoprazole 40 mg 2x daily .  It helps a little but I just now found out my digestive muscles are not contracting properly. My hep/gastro specialist has to send me to another specialist.  I'm also on Urso and Creon enzymes. My problem was the acid reflux was causing me to vomit and choke lying down.  Has anyone experienced that before????Funny though when I chewed on Rolaids or  tums it seem to have calm down all of this for a few minutes. So I'm taking it all until I see the new specialist to try and keep the weight on.

  • not familiar at all with the drugs and the symptoms.Hope you will get some help here from somebody else.Hold on!

  • Hello! I was put on lapranozole (forgot how to spell it, sorry) after being on omeprazole for some time. My Dr let's me increase the dose when ever it peaks. I try to take my time, not get worried or stressed (yeah right!!) I prop up in bed. And have nice, warm baths to relax my stomach muscles. I have a hiatus hernia just were the food enters my stomach so it gets really uncomfortable sometimes. I haven't had to take gaviscon since. I hope you get some relief for it.


  • Thanks! I googled the drug - Lansoprazole.We''ll ask the doctor about it when we'll see him in May.

  • I also take Lanzaporazole but I now cheat.  I used to take 30 mg daily, then I took 15 mg daily but the cheating bit is - I have worked out (with me) that 1 X 15mg  Lansaprazole works for about two days.  Then when I get the pain badly I take 15 mg for that day.  I do have to wait for it to start to work. The rest of the time with a little pain I take Remegel and it works instantly and tastes nice.  You can buy Remegel over the counter. 

  • thanks for the info,will check about lansaprazole with Gastroenterologist.

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