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HCV treatment on Harvoni

Hi Everyone

Just an update. I have HCV genotype 1b, Fibroscan 11.5 borderline cirrhotic, all ultrasound scans have come back normal sized liver, smooth surface no scarring...AST/ALT and GGT all raised before treatment...compensated liver, lichen sclerosis and hypothyroidism (managed).

Viral load 2013 was under 3million.

Pretreatment viral load was 584,000 

Began treatment HARVONI only 22 January 2016

Viral load at  2 weeks: 401

AST/ALT and GGT all within normal range for first time in 40'years

No side effects,  increased energy levels

Viral load at 4 weeks: <24

All LFT are still normal

Viral load at 8 weeks:  <12

Feel great all tests still normal

Hope to clear virus ...SVR by next blood tests at end of 12 week treatment

14 April 2016

13 July 2016 And final tests to make sure the HCV hasn't returned 

So far it is good...hoping the HCV will be undetected next time! 

If any one wants to ask me what regime I follow I am happy to answer any questions. I will say one word of advice...drink loads of water(never alcohol even in food) around 60 ounces as a guideline..it helps with side effects like headaches, fatigue...everyone responds differently.  Good luck to anyone out there on treatment or about to begin.

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Hi Art4949, what great news that all is going so smoothly for you and the treatment is working so well up to this stage. Very nice to hear. I want some of that Harvoni too. !!

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Great news Art, so far so good. You hit the nail on the head, great advice about how to turn it around pal. Your a miracle happening and I hope you keep getting all the benefits of a gift. 

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fantastic news, fingers crossed for your final blood test that you are all clear. stay strong and positive x :)

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Fingers crossed for that SVR  :)

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Tidy mate,you're on the right road I reckon,my viral load was 8 million pre harvoni/riba treatment.Post treatment-zero.So its looking good-even incredible.However,I wont be throwing any party until its clear post 12 months on.....But one day at a time etc.Good luck.

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I have just left a post with questions reg. treatment options.

I am so glad to hear that you have responded in such a fab way - with no side effects! How long did you have to wait for your treatment? Was there a fight with the NHS over the costs?

So many questions, however I felt better after having read your positive post. Thanks!


Hi art

I was wondering how you are getting on as your story sounds very similar to mine - I am now on week 7 of Harvoni. Have you had another Fibroscan if so has your fibrosis improved? Mine was 12.5 pre treatment and would love to hear that yours has improved.

Best wishes


Yes, I completed my treatment in April 2016 and am cured! My fibroscan before treatment was 11.5-12 ...one year on since treatment I had another fibroscan and the last one was 8.2 using the same machine...I feel fantastic with loads of energy now. No side effect on Harvoni for me. How about you?


Hi that's really great news ! I still have one week of treatment left very few side affects feeling so much better already. I am going to get another Fibroscan at the end of the treatment and will let you know the score . My blood results have all returned to normal although still waiting for the viral load result that seems to be taking ages to come back . Will let you know any updates it's really great to hear that your liver is repairing so well .


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