Update on my hep C treatment

Hi all. Here is an update on my Hep C treatment. I am on the new treatment of Sofosbuvir/Ledpasvir and Ribavirin. I started this treatment on 1st April 2015, I had my liver transplant August 2013, and here are my blood results from the start to now. --

01/04/15 - Hep C Viral load = over 58 Million, 2 weeks later on 15/04/15 Hep C viral load = 93!!! and 2 weeks after this on 29/04/15 = 0000 Zero, nil, not detected, zilch !!!!!! yeahh, can you believe it. It took four weeks to clear the Hep C from my system. What a fantastic result. I am so happy. Also my ALT was 336 at the begining and is now 44 !!!.

I am doing very well on the treatment and still have to finish the 12 week course. I have not had any major side affects accept for the obvious ie headaches, tired etc but ok. I hope any one out there still with Hep c is encouraged by this information that there is a cure and can get this treatment ASAP. I will keep you updated as I continue on this treatment in case I get any side affects in the future or if there are any changes. Good luck to everyone out there waiting for a transplant, cure to Hep C and anything else. Keep Positive and keep smiling. :) x

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  • Fantastic news Dizziness. What a great result you must be so happy. I'm very happy for you, and now I can't wait to have treatment. My time will come. Stay strong and positive. 🙌

  • Sorry dizzi me about spelling. Predictive text for you.

  • No probs scotty40 I have to check every thing about 5 times before I send anything coz of it. Lol. Hope you get your treatment soon. Have you had a fibro scan yet. Mine was 12.5 and now 8.9. Never give up asking gor it you've got to make yourself seen. Good luck will keep my fingers crossed.

  • I'm going to get on the case and make myself heard. Stay well and keep on keeping on!

  • How splendid!

    I do hope it all continues to go the right way!


  • Thank you Pear loads of positivre vibes coming your way. X :-D

  • just finished treatment in oz 24 weeks all clear normal lft's now of course we treat the cirrhosis gastroscopy last week varices grade 1 moderate portal hypertensive gastritis ultrasound last week waiting results fibroscan 6 weeks time never ends though forever grateful to gilead and the wonderful staff at my hospital

  • Fantastic bunny2be. It is a great feeling isn't it knowing that it's gone. I know the checks keep going on and on but it is all worth it. Really happy for you keep smiling x

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