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HCV treatment with Harvoni

I received a letter for my ultrasound scan appointment next week...this is to make sure nothing has change with my liver...no dark spots, also looking at surface of liver, making sure gall bladder is working and no signs of stones..also check to make sure liver is not enlarged ..not sure if they can detect whether my liver is fatty or whether or not I have ascites? ...they also check the spleen. Last tests were normal even though I am borderline cirrhotic.

The day after my ultrasound (Friday), I go to out patient clinic research department of hospital for appointment with liver specialist nurse for blood tests (LFT/TSH/T-3,4) and to establish a baseline on my viral load. I have to bring all medications, prescription and over the counter drugs I use, too...and I am suppose to bring the Harvoni with me.

The pharmacist called today to tell me when my Harvoni will be delivered next week. Only I or my husband can sign for it...they made sure they had all the right information. I will have to make sure I am here. Delivery is done incognito. Ha! Harvoni is delivered One month at a time.

So excited...hope all the test go smoothly as they have in past...I have been dancing around the house to All my favourites rock songs! ...it's really no way for a 66 year old person to act..my husband has disappeared!

Good to Go!

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Hi Art

That is just the way you should behave. I am talking from experience!

Congratulations! Yes, they give you the exact amount Harvoni for one month at a time.

Take my advice - I do not know how many other tablets you are taking. Buy from Boots - £5.99p a tablet dispenser with all the days of the week printed on it - am and pm.

Remember the day you start. Put the tablet(s) in from the day you start until the day before you started (that is the whole week). Remember take the tablet from the first day you start and you will not make a mistake.

Keep in touch! XX


Thanks for that...I am off to Boots today to buy this. Great tip. I am pretty good at remembering tablets, but this is too important to get wrong, even once.

Will keep in touch!🙂


Art they are separate compartments and you click on the blue bit on the side and ONLY the day am or pm opens for you. DO not make a mistake! I took photo but cannot work out how to put it on here!

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Absolutely fab 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ wonderful news xxxxx and you keep Rocking - just think 12 weeks and you will be dancing around all the time 😎😎

my favourite is 'everything is changing' - Paloma faith and someone - but it's a very good dancing/singing tune and very appropriate 😘😘😘😘😂😂


That is super exciting news!

Rock on sister!!

I'm excited for you! Can't wait for my turn..

Good luck


Good luck art,bring it on!!


Keep on dancing Art..great now you are on your way to a nomal life without hep c..cant wait to get my dancing shoes back on and I can join you Lol


This direct acting antiviral (DAA) medicine is very effective for hepatitis c treatment. The generic version of Harvoni is also available with the name of Hepcinat LP and Ledifos for those who's insurance is denied and who can't afford expensive Hepatitis c treatment.


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