Well went to clinic today n seen my liver doc ( the one who tweaks your meds ) n before I could tell him my symptoms he told me !! As he said your anemic that's partly what's causing your problems , I was gobsmacked , he told me a few things which made sense n has put me on an iron supplement to help me , as I've thought the liver surgeons just want to make sure your new liver is working well , n as many times I've mentioned my feelings they've always said we will see your blood results then we will change meds which never happened once , but today was different the doc was understanding n listened n has given me confidence that all will come together , I know it's still a long road but now hopefully there's something I can cling to , so I start feelin like im finally recovering ))

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  • That must have been such a feel good factor!! Really pleased to read your news!

    X x

  • Thank you it's took a weight of me , hopefully I'll be able to do a few more things soon xx

  • It's helped me a lot to be told , I know understand what was goin on x

  • Being anemic can leave you feeling horrible, it is wonderful when you find a way to make symptoms more manageable. Good luck x Hug

  • Thank you here's a hug back ((())) x

  • I am so happy to read this! Anemia causes a lot of issues especially the ones you have described. Onwards and upwards! :)

  • Thank you hopefully it will help me in my recovery x

  • Onwards we go x

  • . . . and upwards! : )

    X x

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