As the title says, I'm confused. I'm a 53 year old male.Was told by my gastro doc that I've probably got early stage alcoholic cirrhosis after he examined me and that I've to go for tests at the liver clinic. The doc said that I should abstain. I pointed out that I've had a few LFTs over the last few years and they were always normal. The doc then seemed to alter his stance said if I don't have cirrhosis I must drink within guidelines. (Sensible advice). That was 3 weeks ago. I haven't had a drink since and I'm due at the clinic next week. I attended A & E on an unrelated matter last week and had platelet count, clotting and LFT done. LFT 'slightly raised' everything else normal. I told my GP about the cirrhosis and he told me not to worry as my LFTs have always been normal. Now, since I stopped drinking, I'm getting some pain and discomfort in the liver area and on my right flank. It comes and goes but seems more noticeable when I'm lying down. I'm really worried and wish I was going for tests right now. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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  • Have you had confirmation of cirrhosis via ultrasound? Also there are plenty of ways you can get cirrhosis so I would hope he would have tested you for at least the obvious ones?

  • Not been tested yet. Assuming that may happen next week, although the consultant seemed to suggest blood tests and MAYBE a fibroscan. Thing is, I wasn't attending the gastro doc for liver issues, it was in relation to reflux which I've had for years. He asked how much I drink: I told him the truth (3 or 4 beers daily for a couple of years), he looked at my abdomen, tapped it a bit and then said I've got early stage cirrhosis. Bit of a shock to be honest...but as yet no ultrasound or fibroscan. The doc at A & E opined I've probably got a fatty liver, based on the bloods, and suggested it'd probably resolve if I continue to abstain. Whilst I recognise she's not a hepatologist, I'm praying she's right.

  • I think to suggest cirrhosis without an ultrasound is a bit gung-ho. I understand fatty liver is completely possible and reversible. I have noticed that some Dr's do go in heavy handed, I'm not a medic but I'd say all bets were off until you get the relevant tests done.

  • Thanks. From what I've read, I didn't think you could diagnose without a fibroscan/ultrasound and bloods. I'll just have to wait and hope for the best. Cheers.

  • your right..they need those special blood tests, and they need to actually look at the liver, measure it, etc. They also like to listen on Doppler, to make sure the blood is moving the right way.

    At least, that's how it was done with me, and everyone else I know!

    Those blood tests lead to the ultrasound. (is that diff. than a fiberscan?)

    Cheering you on and wishing you luck!

  • Many thanks!

  • I agree with RodeoJoe. That pain might go away entirely within a few months. You quit drinking. But get tested for all the reasons it may be hurting. The blood work is very accurate and it sounds good. So far, you sound lucky to me. Everything may work out a ok for you but yes all of these liver issues are scary. Be glad you are too smart to drink when your liver is hurting, many drink over that pain to dull it but the next day is more hell for having drank. Good luck.

  • Thank you. I'd always assumed that blood tests are a reasonably accurate measure in terms of liver health. Maybe I'm reading too much of Dr Google for my own good....

  • Yep when we research we need to do a lot of it because one article says one thing, then another says something quite different. They keep us alive by reading our blood labs. This is a fact so I always go by what mine indicate.. But I believe in reading everything! I am just careful about what I use from the medical articles as well as the personal stories and advice of others. Lots of luck.

  • What you describe is so right. Matt got me a V shaped pillow in the first instance, now my fluid\inflammation has somewhat gone I really swear by down and feather pillows 😴. Thery are so soft when lieing for a long time, but at the same time really supportive for propping my sides? Hope this makes sense! 👍


  • Thanks for the tip!

  • I'm not impressed by the advice you've had from your go. I agree with the others there's lot of tests to do but tapping on your tummy isn't one of them. Could well be fatty liver or mild alcoholic hepatitis this often flares up after cessation of drinking but dies down weeks/months after. Have you had your GGT tested?

  • Haven't had any tests yet, other than the bloods taken at A & E. The doc took the bloods cos she was concerned abt the amount of bruising on my leg (diagnosed as being due to bursitis on my knee) and as I'd mentioned the gastro docs diagnosis, she did the LFT as well as the platelet count and clotting. The LFT was slightly raised but she said not even near the worst she'd seen, and the others were normal.

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