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Went to the docs lol

Went to the doctor asked for fibroscan said dnt need one cos bloods liver functiom etc normal i said iwant another ultra to see if fats changed he said it doesnt matter how bad ur liver looks as long as its workin and functioning well which mine is told him ppl who have a badly damaged liver have normal liver function etc and still need to no wot liver looks like. No nodules anyway just diffuse mild fatty infiltration. Got a app in 2wk anyway 4 more blood test to see if liver function etc normal am gonna see a diff doc i want to no if the fat has changed he said u never completely reverse it lol i cant b fukd with the doctors

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He said they will only do fibroscan if ultra shows signs of bad damage and tests abnormal. So iv got fatty liver normal liver function and dnt need any more scans as long as its workin etc etc

I think you're overthinking it a little but better safe than sorry I guess. Keep pushing for all tests you feel you need. Fatty liver can progress to fibrosis and/or cirrhosis but assuming you have a good diet with loads of veg and good fats (nuts, avocado, etc), minimal or no alcohol and sugar, you should be fine. Good luck!


Thanks but yes i do eat healthy exercise but i do drink moderately after they told me but not loads like i use to i always other think i am a hypercondriact lol

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If you stop drinking alcohol bloods can return to normal in a couple of weeks or so. But to rid your liver of the fats you need to be completely free of alcohol for up to 2 years. Think you can manage that ? lol !

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My bloods are normal well they were last time. Il wait and see what the blood tests say this time. I dont think i could wait 2years without one sip but i can wait a few month which i am going to. I have researched fatty liver and keep gettin many diff answers so i dnt no what to believe my doc said u never get rid of the fat lol another said 6months 1 site 2weeks another 6 weeks another site on drinkaware i think its called says abstain from alcohol for 2weeks then drink moderately which is 14 units a week split over 3 or more days with 2 alcohol free days and ur liver should start to shed the excess fat cos the moderate drinking wont cause any damage cos u wont be drinkin more than ur liver can handle but if u dont abstain for 2weeka and drink moderately and u keep drinkin excess alcohol with the fatty liver then cirrhosis can develop but it takes years for it to develop as it progress is slow. Im not nit pickin lol im just askin, so if i keep drinking with fatty liver im undoubtedly gonna get cirrhosis? Also researched and it says only about 1 in 10 heavy drinkers with a fatty liver will develop cirrhosis. So not everyone?? Doesnt it depend on if ur puttin too much strain on ur liver by drinkin large amount? I did have a drink yest was as miserable as sin i had 15units??

And you got all that conflicting information from various websites did you?

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Many doctors and many sites not everything online is false heres what iv just read on healthline site...Many cases of fatty liver don’t develop into liver disease. The liver can repair itself, so if you take the necessary steps to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, or obesity, you can reverse your fatty liver. If you’re a heavy drinker, stopping drinking or limiting your alcohol intake to 1-2 beverages a day may heal your liver completely. A liver biopsy can help your doctor identify permanent liver damage, as well as determine the severity of damage and the best way to treat it.

If fatty liver persists and is not reversed, it can progress into liver disease and cirrhosis. The progression to cirrhosis is dependent on the cause. In alcoholic fatty liver, continuing to drink alcohol in excess can lead to rapid development of cirrhosis and subsequent liver failure.

So has that convinced you it's ok for you to continue drinking? Seems so as you had 15 units yesterday

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Yes had 15units which is more than im meant to but was a s*** day 4 me.. i have gone weeks without any?? Other days iv had a couple of drinks...im just stating that a little alcohol 1-2 drinks on an average day wont do any further damage(that what it states) u said little alcohol will undoubtedly turn to cirrhosis.

Hahaha I'd like that twice if I could! 😁😂🤣

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Its a joke isnt it seen as your giggling 😂...i dnt drink a bottle of vodka anymore. Yes use to. Not now. I drink light drinks and like i said i drank yest cos it was my dads anniversary im letting my liver recover now for a few months b4 i have another moderate drink or should i wait years b4 i have another drink cos it dnt take years for fatty liver to reduce. Laura plZ can u define or get them to msg me the ones who have drank less than me and have a more serious disease have they drank for years???? Bsa u said carry on like this for years? Im not goin to carry on like this for "years" i am not drinkin for at least a few month. Im not drinkin a bot vokda in one session i did b4 but was a small bottle and im not anymre

For gods sake I've been on this forum for 3 months 3 people have lost their spouses through alcohol abuse... misuse however you want to discribe it in that time on here alone. Stuff statistics.... take a good long hard look at yourself and listen to yourself you are a young foolish girl who will be lucky to reach 50 if you don't stop drinking. I bet your dad would be so proud of the way you handled yourself and 15 units of drink yesterday. Every drink you have will make you more and more addicted. Your liver will get worse and worse. But hey enjoy your drinks enjoy your life it's going to be a short 1 🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹🍸🍻🍷🍹


The only 1 laughing here is you love .... lol lol lol its endless. We are the only ones taking your drinking problem seriously

Ur basically tellin me im gonna die n not live past 50 lol thats awful for someone who is meant to b the one helping ppl. Yes prob wud die if i continued t abuse alcohol, that is, if my fatty liver progressed to liver failur etc but it wont cos i am reversing it by not drinking anything for months.

Oh no love, it's deadly serious - for you. My damage is well and truly done as it is for the others on here trying to help you and the loved ones who've seen the devastation it causes. I have a question for you. As you are undoubtedly now an expert on all things liver after ten minutes on Dr. Google, why are you asking questions on here? You've already decided that you know best but you wanted someone on here to tell you that it's ok because deep down you know you are playing with fire - well they won't. Never. Take care.


Whats ur alcohol history???

Goodbye jojo23pink. Take care

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It was an honest general question askin about ur alcohol history

I'm not asking questions. You are. You're not listening. I'm not playing. Take care.


Its ok i read one of ur comments from a year ago and say ur liver problem is purely from years of alcohol abuse i am truly sorry about all ur diff conditions and hope u can live a happy and wonderful life and hope u stay strong but i am not gonna abuse it for years i am gonna put a stop to it now so my liver recovers cos luckily its at this stage where it can be reversed u take care

My history? That's easy. I bought the stuff. I drank it. Easy as that. For over 35 years. I carried on, drinking more and more and eventually destroyed my liver, cell by cell. The stuff you are treating as little more than a laugh has taken my legs, my stomach, my liver and my brain. It even takes my skin when the itching starts. And that is my history. Take care.

Im truly sorry. I really am...but like me u chose to pour the poison down ur neck for 35yrs and now ur suffering and its not fair cos u sound like a good man that just wanted a drink and then got addicted. I know u are trying to help me so i dont go dwn the same path and i will listen i am listenin it is an awful habit. I just cant say ll never drink again cos il deal with another loss more grief and turn to drink like i did last night grieving for my dad. Something to "try" block it out. But for now im gonna leave it out and give my liver time to heal cos if i dnt im been selfish to my kids cos they need me, selfish to myself cos i need to stay healthy for my kids and selfish to u and people on here because they never got this chance to reverse the damage. I treat it as a lot more than a laugh cos it is serious u need ur liver to stay alive i no it is inportant..I wish u all the best and thanks x


If you continue to drink ( even small amounts) when you have fatty liver it will undoubtedly become cirrhosis. Hope you managed to get through yesterday without the drinks you said you'd need.

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Like I've said before they never define what excessive is. You have fatty liver which WILL NOT recover while you continue drinking. Even with all the advice you've been given from people on this forum who have drunk far less than you and are now struggling to survive liver disease and everything that goes with it, you have obviously decided you are going to continue to drink. I wish you all the luck in the world. I really hope we don't read you advising people on here that it's ok to continue to ' have a little drink' with fatty liver.... because it isn't.


Hi jojo23pink. Lets start again. You have a fire that is slowly dying down. ( Your damaged liver. ) You follow your conflicting instructions and dribble a little petrol on it. ( Alcohol. ) The fire eventually dies down ( on one of your alcohol free periods, ) but it never gets down as far as it was before. ( More damage. )You dribble a little more on and the same thing happens. ( More damage to your liver. ) You carry on like this for years. Your fire never completely burns out but has in fact turned into an inferno out of control. ( Cirrhosis. ) Now what you are actually doing is letting it die down for as long as whatever time your cherrypicked advice tells you and then you pour gallons of petrol on it. The result? A massive fireball ( your already damaged liver struggling, ) but it's ok because you lay off it for your dry period. WRONG! It will die down a little but you have massively accelerated the damage which will NOT repair itself in your chosen dry period. If you are drinking a bottle of vodka in a session then you have a problem and are in real danger of cirrhosis. Also, I don't know if you know that female livers struggle a lot more than mens' to metabolize alcohol - yet another risk factor against you. I apologise for the strange analogy but I was at my wits end as to how to try and make you see sense. Ask yourself what exactly it is that you get from alcohol that you can't get elsewhere. I've done now. Hope this helps you in some small way. Take care.


Well said .... perfect analogy. ...


I think it’s time to admit to yourself you have a problem and seek proper help, before it’s too late.


I dnt have a problem what i do have a problem with is people sayin i have a problem with drink when i dont. Im not gonna say i have a problem when i ant lol if i did have a prolem then i would tell u all this

I sat for hours in intensive care holding his yellow hands til they finally told me the kindest thing to do would be to top up his dia morphine and let him go I had to sit and watch every last breath and final heartbeats leave his body. Then I had to go home and tell my children their Dad had died.

That was a pretty ***** day for me too but I wasn't going to down 15 units of booze in his honour

Lol sorry i laughed at the last part with as much respect as possible.i sent that msg to u before we swapped stories about our deceased love ones..it will have been hard for him to stop if he was dependant on it so i really feel for him but partly it was selfish cos he had u and his kids but if it was an addiction that he couldnt stop then i really feel for him and for u all dealing with his death and watching him suffer...yes even if he had been on a waiting list he will have still needed to "wait".... my dad suffered for years with angina and blocked arteries in his legs which caused em to throb and stopped him in his tracks and also an ulcer on his foot which wouldnt heal and i was sik to death of seein him in pain and watchin him suffer. They wouldnt put him on heart bypass list until the ulcer had healed??and its not somet u just sign upto he will have been scared.. I think he eventually agreed to it and he was on the list for bypass and didnt get that chance and opportunity to get better cos he died because 10days prior to his death he had an angiogram and that day at the hosp a nurse doc or someone had told him he didnt need to take his aspirin when he did need to take it as it was keepin his blood free from clotting and it was helpin cos while he took that he never suffered a major heart attack and since that day at the hosp he didnt take it from then until his death and it gave his blood the chance to clot and cause his fatal attack because the autopsy report said a blood clot blocking a certain part of his heart caused the heart attack and i strongly believe it was because he hadnt taken aspirin because someone at the hosp told him he didnt need to!! Thats nother reason y i think the nhs r a national f*** up service 😔

I'm glad you laughed. I hoped it would have that affect 😃.

When loved ones die it's incredibly hard to come to terms with. I had to deal with my own grief, arrange a funeral and hold it together to support my children. We look at it that he was ill and suffering and finally he's not suffering any more. We get comfort from that.... the problems he thought he had aren't there to haunt him anymore.

It takes a long time to get over the loss but it's best not to hold grudges about what could or should have been done. Your Dad was a huge part of your life and even though he's not around anymore he will always be there in your mind and your heart and he is part of your children. Take heart from that, turn a big negative into a bigger positive. Do things with your children that he would have done with them too and be happy. He would want happiness for you all and to know you can move on, see life with a brighter future and loads of happy memories x

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Darling all any of us here have tried to do is to show you the dangers of alcohol especially when you take in times of stress and under emotional circumstances. Of course I am desperately sorry you've lost your Dad I know how tough it is to face each day without them. What I've tried to say in previous posts to you is that the anniversaries don't have to be a sad occasion and drowning your sorrows in booze I'm absolutely convinced your Dad would be devastated if he knew you had been so sad you felt the need to do that.

We as a family talk about my late husband remembering all the good times and the same with my mum so happy memories are for most in are minds rather than how awful it was when we lost them.

I think maybe you are still suffering with grief? Have you considered getting some professional help with that? I honestly really do care and are concerned about you.... My son's just a few years younger than you so yes I am old enough to be you mum ( but not your Granny!!) and I would get just as angry and frustrated with him.

Anyway I know you've now decided that you will lay off the booze till your liver is better which is brilliant and I do think bereavement councelling could help you. Have a chat with your doctor about it. They will point you in the right direction. Its never too late and theres no time limit to starting councelling. My son felt he needed 1 for the first time last year ... that's 7 years after his Dad died. Just being able to talk freely and openly about losing his Dad did him the world of good.

Do take care JoJo.

All the best. Laura x


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When my heart is ripped open with grief then i want to drink to try block it out even tho it makes me more emotional. I grieve for him everyday but chose to drink on his anniversary as thats the day i get the bad thoughts in my head of what he went through, a heart attack, on his own, prob suffered, no one there to help him, prob tried reaching for his phone to try ring ambulance, no success!! Knelt on floor, torso head down on sofa, nose squashed. Dead on his own for 6hrs, rigor mortis set in. Mum found him stiff as a plank of wood. Red fat face no movement no breathing or fukal!! Frozen solid like a block of ice. Ambulance come cant do nothin already gone..done and dusted. Another good man gone!!i try have good memories but mostly bad as it hurts too much so all i think of is what he went through and i miss him terribly but im staying strong for my kids cos thats what he would have wanted. Had a right good cry today and startin again now. I dont have any one to talk to like that. Cant talk to my mother shes a pain in arse dnt wana talk. So im left to grieve on my own. Dont want counselling il still feel the same. Ok old enuff to b my mum then lol wasnt sure of ur age( not been rude) i understand u care cos ur son is younger...and only trying to help but im not gonna drink im gonna let my liver recover but i cant say il never drin again cos i will cos am sure il have more grief another day and lose someone else close to me but i wont let it get the better of me x

Yes you've been through a horrible experience. Don't write off getting bereavement councelling. Think about it though. Take your time. The time may well come when you think actually it might help. I think there's a lot of pent up anger inside you that needs to come out. You are very young to be coping with so much on your own. Don't be affraid or ashamed to get professional help to get you through it. There's no shame in saying I'm struggling please help me. OK? X

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Ok...thanks x

Yes and they thanked me for it and it's working for them cos they've admitted they've need help.

I can't take YOU seriously. Alcohol abuse I take very seriously.

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There's a pretty standard protocol when it comes to liver function tests etc. It looks like that is being followed in your case. I'd be relieved by what is being said and just get on with your life as you normally would. Everything in moderation, that sort of thing. Have a check up every now and again and take it from there. If things change then the management will change. Progression of liver disease is generally a slow insidious process. It very rarely goes from simple fatty infiltration, that probably much of the population has to some degree, to end stage liver disease in a short period of time. At least not in normal circumstances anyway. Just don't do anything that is likely to give it a serious insult.


15 units in one sitting? Who was looking after the children? I'm sorry but one evening my husband was working away and my son developed croup. What would you do in similar circumstances? Good luck getting an out of hours doctor. I did manage to get someone called out when I explained that I had two other children who were sleeping.

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Haha i werent drunk 15units?? From alcapops lol and me!! i was looking after my kids!!! So ur saying dont have a drink whilr ur with ur kids i dnt see what is so wrong with it if your abel to look after yourself and your kids after having a drink!!! I wasnt drunk!!!! Well thats ur kid isnt it developing that. My kids r well loved and cared for. In them certain situations i wud call 111 and ask for advice and if they needed to be taken to hosp then i wud have done so. Like i said i wasnt even drunk plus they have a father who could have taken them. So wot u sayin dont have a little drink when u av ur kids in ur care lol and next ur gonna say if uwana drink get a babysitter and go out ha. Listen i havent been out even for a meal since i was 18 and that was 10 years ago!! I dnt go out to pub or club like most do who fob their kids off to everyone anyone so they can go out and drink no! I dnt do that im always with my children which is were i wana b i dnt have anyone who will give me the satisfactory of avin even an hours break!!!! So if i wanted to have a drink then so be it. Im entitled to it after all my hard work runnin round aftet 3 kids all day been punched slapped screamed at moaned at by the other half who does as he pleases and im left on my own with all children. So yes im entitled to a drink!! That dont make me a bad mothet cos i had a "drink" whilst i was caring for my children cos like i said im always in control never out on control ppl handle their drink different i wasnt even drunk i was still abel to look after my chidren and take up my responsibilty as a parent!! If ur abel to have a little drink and are still abel to look after ur kids cook clean play with them bath em and put em to bed read em a story then why the hek not!!!????😅

And i meant punched slapped screamed at by my kids lol

What I was saying was that you couldn't exactly get in your car and drive in an emergency. How old are they?

I dont drive anyway so it wouldnt be the best advice tellin me to drive lol and get me arrested an banned. 8 3 and 1

Look, a friend of mine had her children taken away from her because of drink. Took her two years to get them out of foster care.

Lol, I wasn't advising you to drive just wondering what you would do in an emergency.

I think this has got too personal, exchanges such as this only cause undue stress and hurt, which is not helpful to anyone. Just let it lie, move on everyone and enjoy your day :}


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