Hello everyone,

Since my TX I have had diabetes, on Monday 14th I went to the diabetes clinic and to be honest I got my backside kicked. My glucose readings are always high. Today (16th) I got a letter from the hospital saying I am to be put on new medication. Could this be a pump?, does any one use one of these, if so how do you get on with it. Tablets are out of the question. Thank you for reading this , take care every one..

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  • Hi brummi,

    I too am post transplant diabetic. Tablets no good for me either, would have thought it will be insulin injections they are looking at rather than pump ?? Does the letter recommend any medicine by name ? How high were your numbers ? How's your kidneys with everything ?

    Gill x

  • Hi, I am already on injections since day one, an average taken was 20. It may also be the reason I am losing weight. I stuck to the routine but there may be another problem else where. No medicines are named just says new treatment..

  • Blooming hek - its really frustrating when you're doing everything you can. To be honest diabetes control has been my biggest challenge. It's very well controlled now but I have insulin and tablets and a very low carb diet, weight normal. It's hard work but I'm sure they will sort you out. Do you wake up with high sugars ? Pumps are supposed to be excellent although I thought due to infection risk, us transplantees were not allowed them ( No one actually said that, I have just assumed). Good luck, as always

    Gill x

  • Hi,

  • Hi, Yes I do wake with high levels. My problem is weight loss, but I also got told injections and tablets do not go together, I will have to wait and see. You take care as well..x

  • Hi to am steroid induce diabeties post transplant. But have been lucky since of injection & tabs has settled & now classed as pre diabetic, so just have to keep eye, which liver clinic do, so clinic has discharged. I found really hard & to be honest got no support from hospital, diabetic clinic saying one thing & liver another. So in just said would sort myself & did with liver clinic support. Good luck, hope you can get those levels stabilised soon

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