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And now

After waiting for the results of my husband 's CT scan - nothing. No reason for his symptoms. His weight is hovering at 60kg, his appetite is still dimished. The diarrhoea and pain have gone . On the report it says his colon has collapsed. The doctors have

Asked him to go to the surgery for a assessment. He is not very interested. He seems better, but his driving is still erratic. Now what. Oh he is still drinking, not as heavily though.

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Hi, im not sure what it means if his colon has collapsed; I read in one of your posts that he is 80 years old? So he is driving his car? Id say he shouldn't be driving at all; its too dangerous for him and others. Re the drinking...I can only think that perhaps at his age he just doesn't see the point in stopping....which in a way I can understand. He has perhaps resigned himself to having to put up with various ailments, liver damage etc and wants to just more or less carry on as he is. Id say just try and enjoy your time together....I doubt he will change now.....but at least if he has cut down a bit on the drinking its a positive. Wishing you all the best.

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"No reason for his symptoms", my guess is the alcohol has caused the cirrhosis and symptoms of cirrhosis caused by alcohol include:

abdominal (tummy) pain

loss of appetite


feeling sick


feeling generally unwell.

As you know there is no treatment for cirrhosis caused by alcohol apart from stopping the alcohol. There is treatment for side effects which further damage may cause. The side effects to watch out for are swollen tummy, fluid in the legs and ankles (however his heart condition could cause this too), brain fog, confusion, varices, vomiting or passing blood etc.

At least the CT has presumably reassured you that the weight loss etc are not caused by liver cancer.

I am concerned like susieanna about him driving, particularly if he is still drinking.

However there is little you can do for him as with most people addicted to alcohol he has to want to give it up himself. So sad that through his reluctance to help himself he is making your life so miserable.

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Hello 😘😘 this is going to sound very harsh - YOU have to stop him driving !!!! My husband was very poorly and had horrendous HE with his liver failure (no alcohol) - he tried to drive all over the place and hit curbs drive without lights on and unbelievably drove from Bmth to Wales in one of his 'episodes' - he was not behaving normally so despite his threats - I got his driving licence withdrawn on medical grounds and we his car and keys !!!!! How would you feel if you had a phone call saying he had just driven into a group of school children ???? you have to do this for him as he is obviously not thinking rationally - ask GP to do a cognition test and mention your concerns - he may be able to advise him not to drive until he is feeling better ??? This is very important as you have said he is driving irratically - so you are allowing him to drive whilst he is not 100% - he may not realise what he is doing 😘😘😘😘😘 please please do this ASAP - hiding keys is the easiest option 😆😆 although if like my hubby he is having a HE moment then he may call the police and report car stolen and keys etc - but police were always happy to deal with it as it meant they didn't have to be dealing with an accident !!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Yes sorry to say but there comes a point where someone else has to step in and make awkward decisions my father was driving very badly and i hoped my brother who gave him yhe car would speak to him but didnt.he not long after had a fall and got taken into hosp

His car needed mot doing so he took it away fot that and i tentatively voiced my opinoon that while he was so wobbly he shouldnt be drivimg.he wasnt too keen but took it okay....we moved the keys so he couldnt come out of hosp and collect it.we said wed kept it at my brothers for safety.later that week we found out he had a brain tumour he quickly developed a lean could not stand or judge distant ....imagine if that had been a few weeks earlier he would have come out and possibly driven into a padestrian or other driver !we would have had all those lives on our minds.please please find some excuse to take the car to the garage or make it break down if you cant face telling him.or even get a friend to say to him but do...something before he kills himself or someone else.i know it sounds so harsh but it has to be done.we were lucky we got away with it and the tumour did get him but at least we were comforted to know he died with medication in a clean hosp bed not in some awful car crash.back to the other symptoms sounds very much like liver but could be something completely diff??? I would assume a collapse colon would mean he couldnt pass stools and so would become constipated... and blocked up im only guessing but could this be cause of pain..presumably this will.recurr hence the assessment...drag him to docs if you could pre ring docs and ask them to deed about driving without saying youve mentioned it.what is the cruel to be kind !!good luck we will all b here to soak ip the guilt with you.x


I agree, its the responsible thing to do.


He is no longer able to drive at all. We sold the big car & bought a Skoda

Yeti, it sits outside with 45 miles on the clock. At the moment we are using taxis, I will drive the Yeti when I feel less stressed. I don't think it will be long now, he is



Hi, I hope your wait is not too long..


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